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Microsoft Sync Framework

A comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices with support for any data type, any data store, any transfer protocol, and any network topology.

Getting Started with Sync Framework

Sync Framework Datasheet

Learn at a high level what Sync Framework is and how it can help you build offline and collaboration capabilities into your applications and services.

Sync Framework Overview

Drill down into Sync Framework and learn how its unique architecture enables information to move between data stores, devices, and services.

Introduction to Database Synchronization

Learn about Sync Framework database synchronization providers, which enable developers to easily synchronize information among ADO.NET-enabled databases.

Introduction to File Synchronization

Learn about the Sync Framework file synchronization provider, which enables developers to easily synchronize files between folders on servers, desktops, and devices.

Selecting the Appropriate Sync Framework Components

Learn about the variety of Sync Framework components, and select the ones that best meet your synchronization needs.

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Microsoft Sync Framework Developer Center

Sync Framework Toolkit is available for download
Sync Framework Toolkit extends the Sync Framework 2.1 capabilities for building offline applications, making it easier to expose data for synchronization to applications running on any client platform. This toolkit allows other Microsoft platforms to be used for offline cl... more
Tuesday, Oct 23
SQL Server to SQL Azure Synchronization
This article shows how to use Sync Framework 2.1 to write a console application to synchronize SQL Azure with on-premises SQL Servers. Sync Framework takes care of all the messy details for you, letting you tie the pieces together with very few lines of code.
Wednesday, Oct 13
Windows Azure Sync Service Sample
This sample shows you how to implement and deploy a Windows Azure Hosted Service to synchronize between a SQL Azure database and a SQL Server Compact database. This allows your users to take data offline and store it in a client database, such as SQL Server Compact, so tha... more
Friday, Oct 8


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Microsoft Sync Framework Developer Center

New service update available for SQL Data Sync!
While it has been 3+ years since we last announced an update to SQL Data Sync service, we have been continuously deploying updates to the backend service to address top customer issues. We are listen... more
Thursday, May 28
SQL Data Sync Preview December Service Update Is Now Live!
Many of you have asked us when SQL Data Sync would be made available as part of the Windows Azure portal. Here is the good news: as of last weekend, SQL Data Sync is now live as part of the latest Wi... more
Sunday, Dec 23
SQL Data Sync now available in the East and West US Data Centers!
We are excited to announce that we have just completed the deployment of SQL Data Sync into the East and West US data centers. Now, what does that mean to you? For those who intend to have their sy... more
Tuesday, Oct 30
Where in the world is SQL Data Sync?
During this past weekend, the new Windows Azure portal was officially released. Windows Azure subscribers are now directed to the new portal once they log in. Now, you may have noticed that SQL Data... more
Sunday, Oct 28
SQL Data Sync Preview October Service Update Is Now Live!
We have just released the October service update for SQL Data Sync Preview. In this update, users can now create multiple Sync Servers under a single Windows Azure subscription. With this feature, us... more
Thursday, Oct 18
The most recent Service Update for SQL Data Sync Preview is now live!
The most recent Service Update for SQL Data Sync Preview has been successfully released to production. In this release, there are 2 major improvements: Enhance overall performance on initial provis... more
Monday, Aug 13