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WCF Data Services...

...enables the creation and consumption of OData services for the web (formerly known as ADO.NET Data Services).

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WCF Data Services Overview

By Pablo Castro
60 minutes

Understand what the Open Data Protocol (OData) is and how it adds end user and developer value

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Introductory Tutorials

Getting Started With OData Part 1: Building an OData Service

Build A Data Service using Entity Framework

  • Learn the basics of building a WCF Data Service from data in a relational database
Getting Started With OData Part 2: Building an OData Services from Any Data Source

Build a WCF Data Services Using Any Data Source

  • Learn the basics of creating a WCF Data Service from data not stored in a database
Consuming OData using .NET

Build a Client App using OData

  • Learn to use the WCF Data Services Client Library
Consuming OData using Windows Phone 7

Build a Windows Phone 7 App Using OData

  • Learn how to create Windows Phone 7 applications with Visual Studio 2010

Watch more step-by-step tutorials...

Announcing the WCF Data Services June CTP

Today we are releasing June CTP of the next version of the WCF Data Services libraries targeting.NET 4 and Silverlight 4.  Based on broad community feedback, in addition to features shipped as part of Oct 2010 CTP1, I’m happy to announce that this release includes two of the top three requested features by WCF Data Services developers; support for properties on derived types & support for Any/All LINQ operators.


Continue Learning WCF Data Services

Authentication Server Configuration Considerations

Authentication Server Configuration Considerations

  • Step-by-Step walkthrough to configuring the WCF Data Services for Authentication
Developing Windows Phone 7 for OData

Developing Windows Phone 7 for OData

  • A beginner guide to building a Windows Phone 7 data driven application using OData
ASP.NET Output Caching

ASP.NET Output Caching

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of setting up ouput caching on a WCF Data Services in ASP.NET
Using WCF Data Services with Azure

Using WCF Data Services with Azure

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of using WCF Data Services in Azure

More Learning Resources...

Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket

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