x86 BSPs (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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Microsoft® Windows® CE supports Geode and x86-based hardware platforms.

The Advantech PCM-5822 and PCM-5823 Biscuit PC or Lanner EM-350 and EM-351 Embedded Single Board Computers do not include PCI or ISA bus expansion slots, so if you require bus expansion, select a PC–based hardware platform or the AMD Geode SP4SC30 Development Platform.

Both the Geode and PC-based hardware platforms run most of the same x86 binaries. The only difference is the amount and type of peripherals supported.

The following table provides details on the sample BSPs included in Platform Builder for the x86 processors.

BSPAMD Geode SP4SC30 Development PlatformLanner EM-350 and EM-351 Embedded Single Board ComputersAdvantech PCM-5822 and PCM-5823 Biscuit PCCEPCEmulator
CPUAMD Geode GX SeriesAMD Geode GX SeriesAMD Geode GX SeriesP5, PII, PIII, Celeron, K6x, AthlonP5, PII, PIII, Celeron, K6x, Athlon
Kernel to usex86x86x86x86x86
ManufacturerAMDLanner ElectronicsAdvantech Co., Ltd.Any desktop computer vendorMicrosoft
Part numberSP4SC30EM-200A-3200PCM-5822-D0A1


Depends on vendorIncluded with Platform Builder
Ordering informationAMD Web siteLanner Electronics Web siteAdvantech Web siteSee How to Set Up a CEPC for more information on how to set up your own CEPCIncluded with Platform Builder
Floating point unitYesYesYesYesYes
Instruction setx86x86x86x86x86
Name in Platform Builder IDEAMD Geode: x86AMD Geode: x86AMD Geode: x86CEPC: x86Emulator: x86
Sample Code Directory%_WINCEROOT%\Platform\Geode%_WINCEROOT%\Platform\Geode%_WINCEROOT%\Platform\Geode%_WINCEROOT%\Platform\CEPC%_WINCEROOT%\Platform\Emulator

For information about how to use the x86 BSPs, see the following topics:

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