We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SharePoint Products and Team Foundation Server

By adding one or more servers running SharePoint Products to your deployment, you can add Web publishing and project collaboration features to Team Foundation. These features can improve communication and increase sharing ideas among users who are assigned tasks in team projects. The project portal for your team project provides a central location for storing documents, posting announcements, listing build information, and reporting on your team project status. To utilize the integration between Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Products, you must add users to one or more groups and roles in SharePoint Products, depending on the functionality required to do their jobs.

In addition, you can customize SharePoint Web applications in a number of ways to better meet the needs of your organization, including organizing Web sites in a predictable hierarchy or sharing process guidance across your organization.


  The topics in this section should be sufficient to help you through the general process of integrating SharePoint Products with Team Foundation Server, but other resources might help you understand the specific steps that your deployment might require. For the most recent information, see the following forum post on the Microsoft Web site: SharePoint Integration with Team Foundation Server - Important Information.

Interactions Between SharePoint Products and Team Foundation Server

Describes how Team Foundation Server and SharePoint Products interact at a technical and conceptual level, and provides links to more information.

Connecting to a Server That Is Running SharePoint Products

Describes the various sites configured by Team Foundation Server on SharePoint Products as well as the default sites within SharePoint Products.

Roles in SharePoint Products

Describes the various default roles available in SharePoint Products.

Managing SharePoint Sites

Describes various administrative tasks for SharePoint Products, including how to create a SharePoint Web application and site collection for use with Team Foundation Server.

Extensions for SharePoint Products

Describes the templates that must be installed for SharePoint Products if it is not installed on the same server that is running the application-tier services for Team Foundation.

Upgrading SharePoint Products for Team Foundation Server

Describes the options for upgrading the version of SharePoint Products that supports your deployment of Team Foundation Server.

Add Integration with SharePoint Products to a Deployment of Team Foundation Server

Describes how to add SharePoint Products to a deployment of Team Foundation Server in an environment with full trust and little to no restrictions on permissions granted between the two programs.

Integrate Team Foundation Server with SharePoint Products Without Administrative Permissions

Describes how to add SharePoint Products to a deployment of Team Foundation Server in an environment that has restricted access or other security requirements and restrictions on what permissions can be granted between the two programs.

Configure Settings for Dashboard Compatibility

Describes how to configure a deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to support reports and dashboards in Team Foundation Server.