This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Extensions for SharePoint Products

You can integrate Visual Studio Team Foundation Server with one or more SharePoint Web applications. If you perform this integration, project managers can create a SharePoint site (referred to as a team project portal) for a team project or a site collection for a team project collection. In addition, project managers can also create libraries that contain process guidance and the documents for each team project. If you want to integrate one or more SharePoint Web applications with Team Foundation Server, you must first install and configure the Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products on the server that is running the Web application. You can then configure mappings from Team Foundation Server to the SharePoint Web applications that you have configured with extensions. 

Unlike the previous release, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 does not require SharePoint Products. With this release, you can take any of the following approaches:

If you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Team Foundation Server together, you do not need to install the extensions. Otherwise, you must install the extensions on the server that is running SharePoint Products before Team Foundation Server will function correctly. For more information, see Interactions Between SharePoint Products and Team Foundation ServerAdd a SharePoint Web Application to Your Deployment, Modify or Remove Access Between a SharePoint Web Application and Team Foundation Server, and this topic on the Microsoft Web site: Installation Guide for Team Foundation.

The Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products include site templates to which the process templates for Team Foundation Server refer when team projects are created. In addition, you must install the extensions so that team project portals will appear and function correctly. Without these extensions, you cannot add a SharePoint Web application to Team Foundation Server and have SharePoint sites created automatically. No Web applications will be available for the team project collections that you create. If no Web applications are configured for the deployment of Team Foundation Server, your users will not be able to automatically create a team project portal when they create a team project. Additionally, your users in that collection will not have a Documents folder available for their team projects in Team Explorer, and they will not be able to automatically use document libraries for process guidance for the project.


You can manually configure individual team projects to use SharePoint site resources even if no SharePoint Web applications are configured for Team Foundation Server. For more information, see Configuring Resources to Support Team Projects.

Depending on your deployment configuration, you might need to install the extensions when you install and configure Team Foundation Server. You must install these extensions if any of the following conditions are true:

  • You specify a deployment of SharePoint Products that is already installed and configured, and you do not want to install the application tier for Team Foundation on the same server.

  • You install SharePoint Products on a different server from Team Foundation Server.

  • You want to use more than one SharePoint Web application, and the applications are hosted on different servers or Web farms. In this case, you must install the extensions on every server that is hosting a Web application that you want to use, but you must configure the extensions on only one server per Web farm.

You do not need to install the extensions if either of the following conditions is true:

  • You install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 as part of the installation process for Team Foundation Server. 

  • You install Team Foundation Server on the same server that is already running SharePoint Products.

You can install the extensions by inserting the installation media for Team Foundation Server and clicking the appropriate option on the main page of the installation wizard. For more information about how to install the extensions, see the topic "How to: Install Team Foundation Server Extensions for SharePoint Products" in the installation guide for Team Foundation. You can download the most recent version of this guide from this page on the Microsoft Web site: Installation Guide for Team Foundation.