Microsoft.Web.Deployment Namespace

IIS 7.0

Public classDependencyCheckTraceEventArgsProvides the data for dependency check tracing events.
Public classDeploymentAddAttributeContextProvides a method that is used to add attributes in the context of a deployment provider.
Public classDeploymentAddLinkContextProvides a class that creates new deployment objects with link context data.
Public classDeploymentAgentProvides an agent that can handle deployment requests.
Public classDeploymentAgentHandlerThe HTTP handler used to synchronously process HTTP web deployment requests.
Public classDeploymentAgentWorkerRequestProvides the base class for deployment agent worker requests.
Public classDeploymentBaseContextContains properties and methods that define the base context of a deployment operation.
Public classDeploymentBaseOptionsProvides the base set of options for a deployment context.
Public classDeploymentCanceledExceptionProvides an exception that is thrown when a deployment exception is canceled.
Public classDeploymentChangeSummary
Public classDeploymentCommitContextProvides methods for deployment actions that support transactions.
Public classDeploymentEncryptionExceptionProvides an exception that is thrown due to an encryption error in a deployment operation.
Public classDeploymentFatalExceptionProvides a fatal exception that is thrown during a deployment exception.
Public classDeploymentFileSerializationEventArgsProvides an event argument for file serialization events.
Public classDeploymentLinkExtensionProvides properties for a deployment link extension.
Public classDeploymentLinkExtensionAttributeDefines an attribute for a DeploymentLinkExtensionAttribute class.
Public classDeploymentManager
Public classDeploymentManifestFileSystemContextProvides contextual information about a deployment manifest.
Public classDeploymentManifestObjectProvides properties that define a deployment manifest object.
Public classDeploymentManifestObjectProviderContextProvides methods that create DeploymentManifestObject instances and retrieve the associated DeploymentManifestFileSystemContext.
Public classDeploymentMethodProvides properties that define a deployment method.
Public classDeploymentMethodAttributeDefines an attribute for a DeploymentMethodAttribute class.
Public classDeploymentObjectProvides properties and methods for a deployment object.
Public classDeploymentObjectAttributeProvides the properties and operator overloads that define an attribute for a DeploymentObjectAttribute class.
Public classDeploymentObjectAttributeCollectionProvides a collection of DeploymentObjectAttribute objects.
Public classDeploymentObjectAttributeData
Public classDeploymentObjectAttributeValue
Public classDeploymentObjectChangedEventArgsProvides the arguments for a deployment object changed event.
Public classDeploymentObjectProvider
Public classDeploymentObjectResolverProvides the base class for objects that resolve dynamic fields based on the current deployment object and provider.
Public classDeploymentPackageSerializationEventArgsProvides properties that define an argument for a package serialization event.
Public classDeploymentProviderContextProvides properties that define the context of a deployment provider.
Public classDeploymentProviderFactoryProvides a class factory for deployment providers.
Public classDeploymentProviderFactoryAttributeDefines an attribute for a DeploymentProviderFactoryAttribute class.
Public classDeploymentProviderOptionsProvides properties that define the options for a deployment object provider.
Public classDeploymentProviderSettingProvides properties for a deployment provider setting.
Public classDeploymentProviderSettingCollectionProvides a collection of DeploymentProviderSetting objects.
Public classDeploymentProviderSettingInfoProvides properties and validation for a DeploymentProviderSettingInfo class.
Public classDeploymentReplaceRuleRepresents a specific deployment rule that performs replacement operations.
Public classDeploymentRetryExceptionProvides an exception that is thrown when a provider fails multiple retry attempts of an operation.
Public classDeploymentRuleProvides properties that describe a deployment rule.
Public classDeploymentRuleCollectionRepresents a collection of DeploymentRule objects.
Public classDeploymentRuleHandlerProvides properties and methods for deployment rule handlers.
Public classDeploymentRuleHandlerAttributeDefines an attribute for a DeploymentRuleHandlerAttribute class.
Public classDeploymentSerializationEventArgsDefines an argument that is used in a deployment serialization event.
Public classDeploymentSkipDirectiveDefines a skip directive for a deployment, which specifies data that should be ignored during a deployment.
Public classDeploymentSkipDirectiveAttributeDefines an attribute for a DeploymentSkipDirectiveAttribute class.
Public classDeploymentSkipDirectiveCollectionProvides a collection of DeploymentSkipDirective objects.
Public classDeploymentSkipDirectiveEntryDefines a skip directive entry as name and value pair.
Public classDeploymentSkipRule
Public classDeploymentSyncContextProvides properties and methods that define the context for deployment synchronization.
Public classDeploymentSyncOptionsProvides the flags, events and delegates which are used during the synchronization process.
Public classDeploymentSyncParameterProvides the properties that define a deployment synchronization parameter.
Public classDeploymentSyncParameterChangedEventArgsProvides the properties for an event argument that is raised when a synchronization parameter changes.
Public classDeploymentSyncParameterCollectionProvides a collection of DeploymentSyncParameter objects.
Public classDeploymentSyncParameterEntryProvides the properties that defined a deployment synchronization parameter entry.
Public classDeploymentSyncParameterEventArgsRepresents the event arguments for a deployment synchronization parameter.
Public classDeploymentSyncParameterValidationProvides validation parameters for deployment synchronization.
Public classDeploymentTraceEventArgsProvides the base class for arguments that are used in deployment trace events.
Public classDeploymentWebServerConfigurationSystemInfoRepresents the base class that contains the system configuration information for deployment Web server.
Public classDeploymentXmlExceptionProvides exceptions that are thrown when errors are found in XML configuration.

Public interfaceIDeploymentCommitItemProvides a method that commits changes that were made during a deployment action.
Public interfaceIDeploymentNameDescriptionProvides descriptive information for a deployment name and description object.

Public delegateDeploymentCancelCallbackDelegate called at numerous points during a synchronization process to determine if the operation should continue.

Public enumerationDeploymentAppRecycleModeDefines the list of application recycling operations.
Public enumerationDeploymentObjectAttributeKindDefines a set of flags that are used to provide information about attributes.
Public enumerationDeploymentObjectKindRepresents an enumeration of flags used in deployment operations.
Public enumerationDeploymentOperationKindDefines a list of deployment operations.
Public enumerationDeploymentProviderFactoryKind
Public enumerationDeploymentSerializationActionDefines the types of serialization actions that occur in deployment operations.
Public enumerationDeploymentSyncParameterEntryKindSpecifies the types of deployment synchronization parameter entries.
Public enumerationDeploymentSyncParameterValidationKind
Public enumerationDeploymentWellKnownProviderDefines the list of known deployment provider factories.
Public enumerationDeploymentWellKnownTagProvides the list of known deployment tags.