Set Silverlight template options in a Live Broadcasting Project

Expression Studio 4.0

A Microsoft Silverlight template enhances your live broadcast with a graphically appealing skin and provides animated, interactive controls for your viewers to use to interact with your broadcast. Access the Templates panel to select a Silverlight template for your Live Broadcasting Project. Once you select the template, use the options in the Templates panel to configure the playback.

Microsoft Expression Encoder includes several Silverlight templates optimized for live broadcasting. You can also access other templates from the online gallery, as they become available.

To set template options

  1. If you can't see the Templates panel, then, on the Window menu, click Templates.

  2. Set the Silverlight template options according to the following guidelines:

    • Template menu   Choose a template from this menu. Choose None if you don't want to use a template.

    • Preview area   See a preview of your template in this area. The buttons on the preview image are active, so you can click them to preview the template behavior.

    • Template options   Choose how you want your video to behave once the user has downloaded it. In the On Load menu, do one of the following:

      • Choose Show poster frame to download the template, but not the video.

      • Choose Show video playing to play the video as soon as it is downloaded.

  3. Select Show captions during playback if you want the user to be able to view closed captions.

  4. Click Show/Hide advanced properties Gg602448.2f8a79a9-68d2-4878-8b75-c76ceb921b3b(en-us,Expression.40).png. Set these options according to the following descriptions:

    • Display Timecode   Select this option if you want your viewer to see the video time code.

    • Enable Player popout   Select this option to enable a viewer to play your video outside the browser.

    • Mute player on start   Select this option if you want the player muted once playback begins.

    • Maintain full screen playback when focus is lost   Select this option to ensure that full-screen playback will continue even if the user switches to another window on an alternate monitor.

    • Enable Cached Composition   Select this option to take advantage of a Silverlight feature that enables the caching of visual elements and the subsequent displaying of the cached data instead of initiating another rendering of the element. Use of this feature can result in greatly improved performance. For more information about this feature, see About Silverlight templates.

    • Stretch Mode   Select this option to specify how the browser will stretch the dimensions of the encoded video. Set the options as follows:

      • Choose No Stretch if you don't want to apply stretching to your video.

      • Choose Stretch Distorted to have your encoded video fill the destination dimensions for both height and width, and not to preserve the aspect ratio of the source.

      • Choose Stretch To Fill to resize the encoded video to fill the height dimension, and stretch the width to maintain the aspect ratio.

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