Preview a Silverlight template

Expression Studio 4.0

You can preview your broadcast inside the Microsoft Silverlight template that you chose for it, once you have generated the template. For more information on generating your template, see Generate a template.

Previewing a template is a way to verify the server's functionality and your server settings, as well as provide a tool for monitoring your performance. Once you successfully launch the preview, you can see the template and the broadcast exactly as the viewer will see it. You can then begin your broadcast session and monitor your performance through the Silverlight template as your broadcast streams to your viewers.


If you receive an error when you attempt to preview your template, you should verify that you have entered the correct server settings or verify that your streaming server is functioning properly.

To preview a Silverlight template

  1. Make sure that you have successfully generated your template. For information on generating your template, see Generate a template.

  2. Click the Templates tab. If the Templates tab is not visible, then on the Window menu, click Templates.

  3. In the Templates panel, click Preview, below the template preview window.

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