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"Cross Structure" Annotations


abstractNum - abstract numbering definition

abstractNum (Abstract Numbering Definition)

abstractNumId - abstract numbering definition reference

abstractNumId (Abstract Numbering Definition Reference)

adjustRightInd - automatically adjust right indent when using document grid

adjustRightInd (Automatically Adjust Right Indent When Using Document Grid)

aliases - alternate style names

aliases (Alternate Style Names)

align - relative

   horizontal alignment

   vertical alignment

align (Relative Horizontal Alignment)

align (Relative Vertical Alignment)

anchor - floating DrawingML object

anchor (Anchor for Floating DrawingML Object)

annotationRef - comment information block

annotationRef (Comment Information Block)


arc - segment

arc (Arc Segment)


   custom XML attribute

   smart tag property

attr (Custom XML Attribute)

attr (Smart Tag Property)

autoRedefine - automatically merge user formatting into style definition

autoRedefine (Automatically Merge User Formatting Into Style Definition)

autoSpaceDE - automatically adjust spacing of Latin and East Asian text

autoSpaceDE (Automatically Adjust Spacing of Latin and East Asian Text)

autoSpaceDN - automatically adjust spacing of East Asian text and numbers

autoSpaceDN (Automatically Adjust Spacing of East Asian Text and Numbers)


b - bold

b (Bold)

background - document background (section 2.1.1, section 2.1.403)

background (Document Background) (section 2.1.1, section 2.1.403)

bar - paragraph border between facing pages

bar (Paragraph Border Between Facing Pages)

basedOn - parent style ID

basedOn (Parent Style ID)

bCs - complex script bold

bCs (Complex Script Bold)

bdr - text border

bdr (Text Border)

between - paragraph border between identical paragraphs

between (Paragraph Border Between Identical Paragraphs)

bidi - right to left paragraph layout

bidi (Right to Left Paragraph Layout)

bidiVisual - visually right to left table

bidiVisual (Visually Right to Left Table)

blipFill - picture fill

blipFill (Picture Fill)

body - document body

body (Document Body)

bookmarkEnd - bookmark end

bookmarkEnd (Bookmark End)


bookmarkStart - bookmark start

bookmarkStart (Bookmark Start)


   paragraph border between identical paragraphs


      bottom border

      cell bottom





bottom (Paragraph Border Between Identical Paragraphs)

bottom (Table Bottom Border)

bottom (Table Cell Bottom Border)

bottom (Table Cell Bottom Margin Default)

bottom (Table Cell Bottom Margin Exception)

br - break

br (Break)


cantSplit - table row cannot break across pages

cantSplit (Table Row Cannot Break Across Pages)

caps - display all characters as capital letters

caps (Display All Characters As Capital Letters)

cellDel - table cell deletion

cellDel (Table Cell Deletion)

cellIns - table cell insertion

cellIns (Table Cell Insertion)

cellMerge - vertically merged/split table cells

cellMerge (Vertically Merged/Split Table Cells)

Change tracking



   paragraph conditional formatting


      cell conditional formatting

      row conditional formatting

cnfStyle (Paragraph Conditional Formatting)

cnfStyle (Table Cell Conditional Formatting)

cnfStyle (Table Row Conditional Formatting)

cNvGraphicFramePr - common DrawingML non-visual properties

cNvGraphicFramePr (Common DrawingML Non-Visual Properties)

cNvPicPr - non-visual picture drawing properties

cNvPicPr (Non-Visual Picture Drawing Properties)

cNvPr - non-visual drawing properties

cNvPr (Non-Visual Drawing Properties)

color - run content color

color (Run Content Color)

comment (Comment Content)

comment content

commentRangeEnd - comment anchor range end

commentRangeEnd (Comment Anchor Range End)

commentRangeStart - comment anchor range start

commentRangeStart (Comment Anchor Range Start)

commentReference - comment content reference mark

commentReference (Comment Content Reference Mark)



   support status

comments (Comments Collection)

contextualSpacing - ignore spacing above and below when using identical styles

contextualSpacing (Ignore Spacing Above and Below When Using Identical Styles)


   floating embedded control

   inline embedded control

control (Floating Embedded Control)

control (Inline Embedded Control)

cr - carriage return

cr (Carriage Return)

Cross structure annotations

cs - use complex script formatting on run

cs (Use Complex Script Formatting on Run)

curve - Bezier curve

curve (Bezier Curve)

Custom XML Schema References


   block level custom XML element

   cell level custom XML element

   inline level custom XML element

   row level custom XML element

customXml (Block-Level Custom XML Element)

customXml (Cell-Level Custom XML Element)

customXml (Inline-Level Custom XML Element)

customXml (Row-Level Custom XML Element)

customXmlDelRangeEnd - custom XML markup deletion end

customXmlDelRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Deletion End)

customXmlDelRangeStart - custom XML markup deletion start

customXmlDelRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Deletion Start)

customXmlInsRangeEnd - custom XML markup insertion end

customXmlInsRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Insertion End)

customXmlInsRangeStart - custom XML markup insertion start

customXmlInsRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Insertion Start)

customXmlMoveFromRangeEnd - custom XML markup move source end

customXmlMoveFromRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Move Source End)

customXmlMoveFromRangeStart - custom XML markup move source start

customXmlMoveFromRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Move Source Start)

customXmlMoveToRangeEnd - custom XML markup move destination location end

customXmlMoveToRangeEnd (Custom XML Markup Move Destination Location End)

customXmlMoveToRangeStart - custom XML markup move destination location start

customXmlMoveToRangeStart (Custom XML Markup Move Destination Location Start)

customXmlPr - custom XML element properties

customXmlPr (Custom XML Element Properties)


dayLong - date block - long day format

dayLong (Date Block - Long Day Format)

dayShort - date block - short day format

dayShort (Date Block - Short Day Format)

del - deleted

   math control character


   run content

   table row

del (Deleted Math Control Character)

del (Deleted Paragraph)

del (Deleted Run Content)

del (Deleted Table Row)

delText - deleted text

delText (Deleted Text)

dirty - invalidated field cache

dirty (Invalidated Field Cache)

divId - associated HTML div ID (section 2.1.15, section 2.1.136)

divId (Associated HTML div ID) (section 2.1.15, section 2.1.136)

docDefaults - document default paragraph and run properties

docDefaults (Document Default Paragraph and Run Properties)

docPr - drawing object non-visual properties

docPr (Drawing Object Non-Visual Properties)




document (Document)

Document Defaults

drawing - DrawingML object

drawing (DrawingML Object)

DrawingML Reference Material

dstrike - double strikethrough

dstrike (Double Strikethrough)


eastAsianLayout - East Asian typography settings

eastAsianLayout (East Asian Typography Settings)

effect - animated text effect

effect (Animated Text Effect)

effectExtent - object extents including effects

effectExtent (Object Extents Including Effects)


em - emphasis mark

em (Emphasis Mark)

emboss - embossing

emboss (Embossing)


Error handling

extent - drawing object size

extent (Drawing Object Size)


f - single formula

f (Single Formula)


Fields & Hyperlinks

fill - shape fill properties

fill (Shape Fill Properties)

fitText - manual run width

fitText (Manual Run Width)




Footnotes and Endnotes

formulas - set of formulas

formulas (Set of Formulas)

framePr - text frame properties

framePr (Text Frame Properties)


General Style Properties


Glossary Document


gridAfter - grid columns after last cell

gridAfter (Grid Columns After Last Cell)

gridBefore - grid columns before first cell

gridBefore (Grid Columns Before First Cell)

gridCol - grid column definition

gridCol (Grid Column Definition)

gridSpan - grid columns spanned by current table cell

gridSpan (Grid Columns Spanned by Current Table Cell)

group - shape group

group (Shape Group)


h - shape handle

h (Shape Handle)

handles - set of handles

handles (Set of Handles)


Headers and Footers


   hide style from user interface

   table row marker

hidden (Hidden Table Row Marker)

hidden (Hide Style From User Interface)

hideMark - ignore end of cell marker in row height calculation

hideMark (Ignore End Of Cell Marker In Row Height Calculation)

highlight - text highlighting

highlight (Text Highlighting)

hMerge - horizontally merged cell

hMerge (Horizontally Merged Cell)

hps - phonetic guide text font size

hps (Phonetic Guide Text Font Size)

hpsBaseText - phonetic guide base text font size

hpsBaseText (Phonetic Guide Base Text Font Size)

hpsRaise - distance between phonetic guide text and phonetic guide base text

hpsRaise (Distance Between Phonetic Guide Text and Phonetic Guide Base Text)

hyperlink (Hyperlink)

hyperlink element (section 2.1.368, section 2.1.369)


i - italics

i (Italics)

iCs - complex script italics

iCs (Complex Script Italics)

ilvl - numbering level reference

ilvl (Numbering Level Reference)

image - file

image (Image File)

imagedata - image data

imagedata (Image Data)


imprint - imprinting

imprint (Imprinting)

ind - paragraph indentation

ind (Paragraph Indentation)

Informative references



   DrawingML object

inline (Inline DrawingML Object)

Inline Annotations

ins – inserted

   math control character

   numbering properties


   run content

   table row

ins (Inserted Math Control Character)

ins (Inserted Numbering Properties)

ins (Inserted Paragraph)

ins (Inserted Run Content)

ins (Inserted Table Row)

insideH - table

   cell inside horizontal edges border

   inside horizontal edges border

insideH (Table Cell Inside Horizontal Edges Border)

insideH (Table Inside Horizontal Edges Border)

insideV - table

   cell inside vertical edges border

   inside vertical edges border

insideV (Table Cell Inside Vertical Edges Border)

insideV (Table Inside Vertical Edges Border)


isLgl - display all levels using Arabic numerals

isLgl (Display All Levels Using Arabic Numerals)



   paragraph alignment



      alignment exception

      row alignment

jc (Paragraph Alignment)

jc (Table Alignment Exception)

jc (Table Alignment)

jc (Table Row Alignment)


keepLines - keep all lines on one page

keepLines (Keep All Lines On One Page)

keepNext - keep paragraph with next paragraph

keepNext (Keep Paragraph With Next Paragraph)

kern - font kerning

kern (Font Kerning)

kinsoku - use East Asian typography rules for first and last character per line

kinsoku (Use East Asian Typography Rules for First and Last Character per Line)


lang - languages for run content

lang (Languages for Run Content)

lastRenderedPageBreak - position of last calculated page break

lastRenderedPageBreak (Position of Last Calculated Page Break)

latentStyles - latent style information

latentStyles (Latent Style Information)


   left paragraph border


      cell left





      left border

left (Left Paragraph Border)

left (Table Cell Left Border)

left (Table Cell Left Margin Default)

left (Table Cell Left Margin Exception)

left (Table Left Border)

legacy - legacy numbering level properties

legacy (Legacy Numbering Level Properties)

lid - language ID for phonetic guide

lid (Language ID for Phonetic Guide)

line (Line)

line element

lineTo - wrapping polygon line end position

lineTo (Wrapping Polygon Line End Position)

link - linked style reference

link (Linked Style Reference)

locked - style cannot be applied

locked (Style Cannot Be Applied)

lsdException - latent style exception

lsdException (Latent Style Exception)

lvl - numbering level


   override definition

lvl (Numbering Level Definition)

lvl (Numbering Level Override Definition)

lvlJc - justification

lvlJc (Justification)

lvlOverride - numbering level definition override

lvlOverride (Numbering Level Definition Override)

lvlPicBulletId - picture numbering symbol definition reference

lvlPicBulletId (Picture Numbering Symbol Definition Reference)

lvlRestart - restart numbering level symbol

lvlRestart (Restart Numbering Level Symbol)

lvlText - numbering level text

lvlText (Numbering Level Text)


Mail Merge

Microsoft implementations

mirrorIndents - use left/right indents as inside/outside indents

mirrorIndents (Use Left/Right Indents as Inside/Outside Indents)

Miscellaneous Topics

monthLong - date block - long month format

monthLong (Date Block - Long Month Format)

monthShort - date block - short month format

monthShort (Date Block - Short Month Format)

moveFrom - move source


   run content

moveFrom (Move Source Paragraph)

moveFrom (Move Source Run Content)

moveFromRangeEnd - move source location container - end

moveFromRangeEnd (Move Source Location Container - End)

moveFromRangeStart - move source location container - start

moveFromRangeStart (Move Source Location Container - Start)

moveTo - move destination


   run content

moveTo (Move Destination Paragraph)

moveTo (Move Destination Run Content)

moveToRangeEnd - move destination location container - end

moveToRangeEnd (Move Destination Location Container - End)

moveToRangeStart - move destination location container - start

moveToRangeStart (Move Destination Location Container - Start)

movie - embedded video

movie (Embedded Video)

multiLevelType - abstract numbering definition type

multiLevelType (Abstract Numbering Definition Type)



   abstract numbering definition name

   primary style name

name (Abstract Numbering Definition Name)

name (Primary Style Name)

next - style for next paragraph

next (Style For Next Paragraph)

noBreakHyphen - nonbreaking hyphen character

noBreakHyphen (Non Breaking Hyphen Character)

noProof - do not check spelling or grammar

noProof (Do Not Check Spelling or Grammar)



Normative references


noWrap - don't wrap cell content

noWrap (Don't Wrap Cell Content)

nsid - abstract numbering definition identifier

nsid (Abstract Numbering Definition Identifier)

num - numbering definition instance

num (Numbering Definition Instance)



   paragraph styles


   support status

numbering (Numbering Definitions)

Numbering in Paragraph Styles

Numbering Styles

numberingChange - previous

   numbering field properties

   paragraph numbering properties

numberingChange (Previous Numbering Field Properties)

numberingChange (Previous Paragraph Numbering Properties)

numFmt - numbering format

numFmt (Numbering Format)

numId - numbering definition instance reference

numId (Numbering Definition Instance Reference)

numIdMacAtCleanup - last reviewed abstract numbering definition

numIdMacAtCleanup (Last Reviewed Abstract Numbering Definition)

numPicBullet - picture numbering symbol definition

numPicBullet (Picture Numbering Symbol Definition)

numPr - numbering definition instance reference

numPr (Numbering Definition Instance Reference)

numStyleLink - numbering style reference

numStyleLink (Numbering Style Reference)

nvPicPr - non-visual picture properties

nvPicPr (Non-Visual Picture Properties)


object - inline embedded object

object (Inline Embedded Object)

oMath - office open XML math

oMath (Office Open XML Math)

outline - display character outline

outline (Display Character Outline)

outlineLvl - associated outline level

outlineLvl (Associated Outline Level)

oval (Oval)

oval element

overflowPunct - allow punctuation to extent past text extents

overflowPunct (Allow Punctuation to Extent Past Text Extents)


p - paragraph

p (Paragraph)

pageBreakBefore - start paragraph on next page

pageBreakBefore (Start Paragraph on Next Page)



   support status (section 2.1.4, section 2.1.5)

Paragraph Styles


Paragraphs and Rich Formatting

path - shape path

path (Shape Path)

pBdr - paragraph borders

pBdr (Paragraph Borders)

permEnd - range permission end

permEnd (Range Permission End)

permStart - range permission start

permStart (Range Permission Start)

personal - email message text style

personal (Email Message Text Style)

personalCompose - email message composition style

personalCompose (Email Message Composition Style)

personalReply - email message reply style

personalReply (Email Message Reply Style)

pgNum - page number block

pgNum (Page Number Block)

pic - picture

pic (Picture)


   picture numbering symbol properties

   VML object

pict (Picture Numbering Symbol Properties)

pict (VML Object)

placeholder - custom XML element placeholder text

placeholder (Custom XML Element Placeholder Text)

polyline - multiple path line

polyline (Multiple Path Line)

position - vertically raised or lowered text

position (Vertically Raised or Lowered Text)

positionH - horizontal position

positionH (Horizontal Positioning)

positionV - vertical position

positionV (Vertical Positioning)

posOffset - absolute position offset

posOffset (Absolute Position Offset)


   numbering level associated paragraph properties

   paragraph properties (section 2.1.31, section 2.1.249)

   previous paragraph properties

   style paragraph properties

   table style conditional formatting paragraph properties

pPr (Numbering Level Associated Paragraph Properties)

pPr (Paragraph Properties) (section 2.1.31, section 2.1.249)

pPr (Previous Paragraph Properties)

pPr (Style Paragraph Properties)

pPr (Table Style Conditional Formatting Paragraph Properties)

pPrChange - revision information for paragraph properties

pPrChange (Revision Information for Paragraph Properties)

pPrDefault - default paragraph properties

pPrDefault (Default Paragraph Properties)

proofErr - proofing error anchor

proofErr (Proofing Error Anchor)

Property Annotations


   paragraph style associated numbering level

   referenced paragraph style

pStyle (Paragraph Style's Associated Numbering Level)

pStyle (Referenced Paragraph Style)

ptab - absolute position tab character

ptab (Absolute Position Tab Character)


qFormat - primary style

qFormat (Primary Style)


r - text run

r (Text Run)

Range Permissions

rect - rectangle

rect (Rectangle)




Requirements - standards support


rFonts - run fonts

rFonts (Run Fonts)

Rich formatting


   right paragraph border


      cell right





      right border

right (Right Paragraph Border)

right (Table Cell Right Border)

right (Table Cell Right Margin Default)

right (Table Cell Right Margin Exception)

right (Table Right Border)

roundrect - rounded rectangle

roundrect (Rounded Rectangle)


   numbering symbol run properties

   previous run


      properties for the paragraph mark

   run properties

      element (section 2.1.76, section 2.1.251, section 2.1.270)

      paragraph mark

   table style conditional formatting run properties

rPr (Numbering Symbol Run Properties)

rPr (Previous Run Properties for the Paragraph Mark)

rPr (Previous Run Properties)

rPr (Run Properties for the Paragraph Mark)

rPr (Run Properties) (section 2.1.76, section 2.1.251, section 2.1.270)

rPr (Table Style Conditional Formatting Run Properties)

rPrChange - revision information for run properties


   paragraph mark

rPrChange (Revision Information for Run Properties on the Paragraph Mark)

rPrChange (Revision Information for Run Properties)

rPrDefault - default run properties

rPrDefault (Default Run Properties)

rsid - revision identifier for style definition

rsid (Revision Identifier for Style Definition)

rStyle - referenced character style

rStyle (Referenced Character Style)

rt - phonetic guide text

rt (Phonetic Guide Text)

rtl - right to left text

rtl (Right To Left Text)

ruby - phonetic guide

ruby (Phonetic Guide)

rubyAlign - phonetic guide text alignment

rubyAlign (Phonetic Guide Text Alignment)

rubyBase - phonetic guide base text

rubyBase (Phonetic Guide Base Text)

rubyPr - phonetic guide properties

rubyPr (Phonetic Guide Properties)


   character styles


   support status

Run (Character) Styles

Run Content



sectPrChange - revision information for section properties

sectPrChange (Revision Information for Section Properties)


semiHidden - hide style from main user interface

semiHidden (Hide Style From Main User Interface)





shadow (Shadow Effect)

shadow (Shadow)

shape - definition

shape (Shape Definition)

shapetype - shape template

shapetype (Shape Template)

Shared MLs Reference Material


   paragraph shading

   run shading


      cell shading




shd (Paragraph Shading)

shd (Run Shading)

shd (Table Cell Shading)

shd (Table Shading Exception)

shd (Table Shading)

simplePos - simple positioning coordinates

simplePos (Simple Positioning Coordinates)

smallCaps - small caps

smallCaps (Small Caps)

smartTag - inline level smart tag

smartTag (Inline-Level Smart Tag)

smartTagPr - smart tag properties

smartTagPr (Smart Tag Properties)

snapToGrid - use document grid settings for

   inter-character spacing

   inter-line paragraph spacing

snapToGrid (Use Document Grid Settings For Inter-Character Spacing)

snapToGrid (Use Document Grid Settings for Inter-Line Paragraph Spacing)

softHyphen - optional hyphen character

softHyphen (Optional Hyphen Character)


   character spacing adjustment

   spacing between lines and above/below paragraph

spacing (Character Spacing Adjustment)

spacing (Spacing Between Lines and Above/Below Paragraph)

specVanish - paragraph mark is always hidden

specVanish (Paragraph Mark Is Always Hidden)


Spelling & Grammar

spPr - shape properties

spPr (Shape Properties)

Standards support




   starting value

   wrapping polygon start

start (Starting Value)

start (Wrapping Polygon Start)

startOverride - numbering level starting value override

startOverride (Numbering Level Starting Value Override)

strike - single strikethrough

strike (Single Strikethrough)

stroke - line stroke settings

stroke (Line Stroke Settings)

Structured Document Tags





style (Style Definition)

Style Hierarchy

Style Inheritance

styleLink - numbering style definition

styleLink (Numbering Style Definition)


   style definitions

   support status

styles (Style Definitions)

suff - content between numbering symbol and paragraph text

suff (Content Between Numbering Symbol and Paragraph Text)

suppressAutoHyphens - suppress hyphenation for paragraph

suppressAutoHyphens (Suppress Hyphenation for Paragraph)

suppressLineNumbers - suppress line numbers for paragraph

suppressLineNumbers (Suppress Line Numbers for Paragraph)

suppressOverlap - prevent text frames from overlapping

suppressOverlap (Prevent Text Frames From Overlapping)

sym - symbol character

sym (Symbol Character)

sz - font size

sz (Font Size)

szCs - complex script font size

szCs (Complex Script Font Size)


t - text

t (Text)



   custom tab stop

tab (Custom Tab Stop)

tab (Tab Character)

Table Styles

tabs - set of custom tab stops

tabs (Set of Custom Tab Stops)

tbl - table

tbl (Table)

tblBorders - table borders



tblBorders (Table Borders Exceptions)

tblBorders (Table Borders)

tblCellMar - table cell margin



tblCellMar (Table Cell Margin Defaults)

tblCellMar (Table Cell Margin Exceptions)

tblCellSpacing - table

   cell spacing



   row cell spacing

tblCellSpacing (Table Cell Spacing Default)

tblCellSpacing (Table Cell Spacing Exception)

tblCellSpacing (Table Row Cell Spacing)


   previous table grid

   table grid

tblGrid (Previous Table Grid)

tblGrid (Table Grid)

tblGridChange - revision information for table grid column definitions

tblGridChange (Revision Information for Table Grid Column Definitions)

tblHeader - repeat table row on every new page

tblHeader (Repeat Table Row on Every New Page)

tblInd - table indent from leading margin



tblInd (Table Indent from Leading Margin Exception)

tblInd (Table Indent from Leading Margin)

tblLayout - table layout



tblLayout (Table Layout Exception)

tblLayout (Table Layout)

tblLook - table style conditional formatting settings



tblLook (Table Style Conditional Formatting Settings Exception)

tblLook (Table Style Conditional Formatting Settings)

tblOverlap - floating table allows other tables to overlap

tblOverlap (Floating Table Allows Other Tables to Overlap)

tblpPr - floating table positioning

tblpPr (Floating Table Positioning)


   previous table properties

   style table properties



      style conditional formatting table properties

tblPr (Previous Table Properties)

tblPr (Style Table Properties)

tblPr (Table Properties)

tblPr (Table Style Conditional Formatting Table Properties)

tblPrChange - revision information for table properties

tblPrChange (Revision Information for Table Properties)


   previous table-level property exceptions

   table-level property exceptions

tblPrEx (Previous Table-Level Property Exceptions)

tblPrEx (Table-Level Property Exceptions)

tblPrExChange - revision information for table level property exceptions

tblPrExChange (Revision Information for Table-Level Property Exceptions)

tblStyle - referenced table style

tblStyle (Referenced Table Style)

tblStyleColBandSize - number of columns in column band

tblStyleColBandSize (Number of Columns in Column Band)

tblStylePr - style conditional table formatting properties

tblStylePr (Style Conditional Table Formatting Properties)

tblStyleRowBandSize - number of rows in row band

tblStyleRowBandSize (Number of Rows in Row Band)

tblW - preferred table width



tblW (Preferred Table Width Exception)

tblW (Preferred Table Width)

tc - table cell

tc (Table Cell)

tcBorders - table cell borders

tcBorders (Table Cell Borders)

tcFitText - fit text within cell

tcFitText (Fit Text Within Cell)

tcMar - single table cell margins

tcMar (Single Table Cell Margins)


   previous table cell properties

   style table cell properties


      cell properties

      style conditional formatting table cell properties

tcPr (Previous Table Cell Properties)

tcPr (Style Table Cell Properties)

tcPr (Table Cell Properties)

tcPr (Table Style Conditional Formatting Table Cell Properties)

tcPrChange - revision information for table cell properties

tcPrChange (Revision Information for Table Cell Properties)

tcW - preferred table cell width

tcW (Preferred Table Cell Width)

Text Box Content

textAlignment - vertical character alignment on line

textAlignment (Vertical Character Alignment on Line)

textbox - text box

textbox (Text Box)

textboxTightWrap - allow surrounding paragraphs to tight wrap to text box contents

textboxTightWrap (Allow Surrounding Paragraphs to Tight Wrap to Text Box Contents)


   paragraph text flow direction

   table cell text flow direction

textDirection (Paragraph Text Flow Direction)

textDirection (Table Cell Text Flow Direction)

textpath - text layout path

textpath (Text Layout Path)

tl2br - table cell top left to bottom right diagonal border

tl2br (Table Cell Top Left to Bottom Right Diagonal Border)

tmpl - numbering template code

tmpl (Numbering Template Code)


   paragraph border above identical paragraphs


      cell top





      top border

top (Paragraph Border Above Identical Paragraphs)

top (Table Cell Top Border)

top (Table Cell Top Margin Default)

top (Table Cell Top Margin Exception)

top (Table Top Border)

topLinePunct - compress punctuation at start of line

topLinePunct (Compress Punctuation at Start of a Line)

tr - table row

tr (Table Row)

tr2bl - table cell top right to bottom left diagonal border

tr2bl (Table Cell Top Right to Bottom Left Diagonal Border)

Tracking changes

trHeight - table row height

trHeight (Table Row Height)


   previous table row properties

   style table row properties


      row properties

      style conditional formatting table row properties

trPr (Previous Table Row Properties)

trPr (Style Table Row Properties)

trPr (Table Row Properties)

trPr (Table Style Conditional Formatting Table Row Properties)

trPrChange - revision information for table row properties

trPrChange (Revision Information for Table Row Properties)

txbxContent - rich text box content container

txbxContent (Rich Text Box Content Container)


u - underline

u (Underline)

uiPriority - optional user interface sorting order

uiPriority (Optional User Interface Sorting Order)

unhideWhenUsed - remove semi-hidden property when style is used

unhideWhenUsed (Remove Semi-Hidden Property When Style Is Used)


vAlign - table cell vertical alignment

vAlign (Table Cell Vertical Alignment)

vanish - hidden text

vanish (Hidden Text)

Variations - normative

vertAlign - subscript/superscript text

vertAlign (Subscript/Superscript Text)

vMerge - vertically merged cell

vMerge (Vertically Merged Cell)

VML Reference Material


w - expanded/compressed text

w (Expanded/Compressed Text)

wAfter - preferred width after table row

wAfter (Preferred Width After Table Row)

wBefore - preferred width before table row

wBefore (Preferred Width Before Table Row)

webHidden - web hidden text

webHidden (Web Hidden Text)

widowControl - allow first/last line to display on separate page

widowControl (Allow First/Last Line to Display on a Separate Page)

wordWrap - allow line breaking at character level

wordWrap (Allow Line Breaking At Character Level)

wrapNone - no text wrapping

wrapNone (No Text Wrapping)

wrapPolygon - wrapping polygon

wrapPolygon (Wrapping Polygon)

wrapSquare - square wrapping

wrapSquare (Square Wrapping)

wrapThrough - through wrapping

wrapThrough (Through Wrapping)

wrapTight - tight wrapping

wrapTight (Tight Wrapping)

wrapTopAndBottom - top and bottom wrapping

wrapTopAndBottom (Top and Bottom Wrapping)


yearLong - date block - long year format

yearLong (Date Block - Long Year Format)

yearShort - date block - short year format

yearShort (Date Block - Short Year Format)