Remote Desktop Connection (Standard 7 Package Reference)


This package is a Feature Pack in the category Remote Connections. The name of the package as it appears on disk and for use with some command-line tools is WinEmb-TerminalServicesClient.

This package contains features such as the client functionality for connecting to a Remote Desktop Session Host server, the functionality for hosting a Remote Desktop Connection, and tools that can be used to manage and troubleshoot remote desktop connections.

New for Windows Embedded Standard Service Pack 1
Support for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 7.1; Microsoft RemoteFX USB redirection; and software-based, client-side, RemoteFX decode are included in this package.




Specifies whether the Allow list is checked and enforced.


Specifies how servers and clients authenticate each other before a remote desktop connection is established.


Specifies how users are authenticated before the remote desktop connection is established.


Specifies how Terminal Services manages Client Access Licenses (CALs).

  • GPU Virtualization
  • Named Pipes Transport Driver
  • RDP Encoder Mirror Driver
  • RDP Miniport Driver
  • RDP Reflector Driver Miniport
  • RDP USB Hub Filter Driver
  • RDP Winstation Driver
  • Remote Deskotop USB Hub
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Remote Desktop Services Security Filter Driver
  • Remote Desktop Services UserMode Port Redirector
  • Remote Desktop Video Miniport Driver
  • TCP Transport Driver
  • Terminal Server Device Redirector Driver
  • Virtual 3D Video Transport Driver

Package Dependencies

Group Dependencies

No group dependencies.

Optional Supporting Packages

You can select any number of packages from the following list:

You can use the optional packages to enable the following functions:

To do this

Use these packages

Set remote connection attributes and enable remote connections.

System Control Panel

If you exclude this component, you must preset Settings Management Infrastructure (SMI) settings to enable the Remote Desktop Services features that you want.

Enable redirection of printers and local printing.

Printing Utilities and Management

In Active Directory, choose the users who will have permission to connect to the computer by using RDP.

Domain Services

Provide for redirection of ports and I/O, and also for discovery of these devices.

Device Framework

Without this component, some devices may not be discovered and made available to the Remote Desktop Services session on the host machine.

Thin clients are typically used to access other, more powerful computers by using Remote Desktop Connection.

Client computers might use Microsoft Application Virtualization to access enterprise-wide applications on a corporate network.

Windows Embedded Core sets the value of fDenyTSConnections to deny remote connections and close one possible avenue for a security attack. We recommend that you change the value of this setting on any device that you want to administer or access remotely.

This package opens a port in Windows Firewall.

The LicensingMode setting applies only to the Application Server mode in Remote Desktop Services and is ignored in Windows Embedded Standard 7.