Set Other options

Expression Studio 4.0

The Other tab presents a set of options that customize the behavior of your screen capture.

To set Other options

  1. In the Microsoft Expression Encoder Screen Capture main window, click Edit Options Edit Options button..

  2. Click the Other tab.

  3. Set the Other options according to the following instructions:

    • Highlight mouse pointer   Select this option if you want your pointer to be highlighted by a circle that emphasizes it.

    • Show countdown before recording   Select this option if you want to view a countdown before recording begins. The countdown is three seconds, and displays corresponding numbers to indicate the countdown progression.

    • Beep on Start/Pause recording   Select this option if you want an audible notification that the recording either has started or has been paused.

    • Show recording toolbar   Select this option to display a toolbar with controls to pause, stop, and hide the playback. The toolbar appears during recording and displays information about the current capture, duration, file size, frames, and frame rate.

    • Show flashing boundary   Select this option to display flashing markers during recording that highlight the four corner boundaries of your capture. These markers will not appear in the actual screen capture file.

    • Use webcam capture as overlay   Select this option to use the captured screen as an overlay in Expression Encoder.

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