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PC Card Driver Stack Test (Windows CE 5.0)

Windows CE 5.0
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The PC Card Driver Stack Test tests the PCCard host controller. This host controller driver stack has two layers: the MDD layer and the PDD layer. MDD layer is the abstract of all PCCard host controller hardware and provides interface to all client drivers; while PDD layer deals with PCCard host controller hardware-specific issues. This test suite can be used to test any PDD implementation that applies to this PCCard host controller driver model.

This test suite will exercises all APIs provided by the PCCard host controller driver stack. Testers are encouraged to do some data transfer tests (e.g. through network client driver or storage client driver, tests also available in CETK) as an enrichment for the whole test procedure.

This test requires a Windows CE-based device with a PC Card host controller card or onboard PC Card controller logic. If the host controller is a CardBus controller, it also requires the necessary PCMCIA and CardBus cards. The test accepts multiple-function cards as well as multiple PC Card host controllers.

The following table shows the software required for the PC Card Driver Stack test:

Tux.exeTux test harness, required for executing the test.
Kato.dllKato logging engine, required for logging the test data.
Tooltalk.dllApplication required by Tux.exe and Kato.dll. Handles the transport between the target device and the development workstation.
Ddlx.dllTest module.
PCC16bitTest.dllTest module.
PCMLegacyTest.dllTest module.
PCC_dummydr.dllTest module.
PCC32bitTest.dllTest module; required if CardBus host controller is used.

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