This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Visual SourceSafe Reference

Visual Studio 2005

This section provides technical information about Visual SourceSafe.

In This Section

Command Line Reference

Describes the Visual SourceSafe command line commands, command syntax, and command options.

Initialization Variables

Describes the initialization variables that can be used in customizing Visual SourceSafe.

Keyboard, Menu, and File Viewer Shortcuts

Lists shortcuts that you can use to navigate within Visual SourceSafe client programs and execute certain commands.

Maintenance Tools

Describes maintenance utilities provided with Visual SourceSafe.

Visual SourceSafe Glossary

Defines common Visual SourceSafe terms.

Visual SourceSafe User Interface Reference

Describes the dialog boxes and wizards used by Visual SourceSafe Explorer, Visual SourceSafe Administrator, and the SourceSafe plug-ins for Visual Studio.

Reference for Visual SourceSafe Automation

Defines the automation interfaces that you can use to extend Visual SourceSafe functionality.

Related Sections

Visual SourceSafe Automation

Introduces the Visual SourceSafe automation interfaces.

Maintaining and Optimizing Visual SourceSafe

Includes information and procedures for maintenance, customization, and optimization of Visual SourceSafe.

Using the Visual SourceSafe Command Line

Describes how to use the Visual SourceSafe command line.