This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Maintenance Tools

Visual Studio 2005

Several utility programs are included with Visual SourceSafe. These programs are largely used in maintaining a database, as described in Maintaining and Optimizing Visual SourceSafe in this Help system.

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Scans a Visual SourceSafe database for integrity, displays information and errors in a results window, and optionally fixes any errors.

DDCONV Utility

Converts a Visual SourceSafe database from an earlier format to the current format.

DDUPD Utility

Upgrades or downgrades a Visual SourceSafe database to a new format, which is applied upon initialization.

MKSS Utility

Creates an empty Visual SourceSafe database in an old format.

SS Utility

Implements Visual SourceSafe commands from the command line.

SSARC Utility

Allows you to archive files, projects, or old versions from a Visual SourceSafe database.

SSEXP Utility

Runs Visual SourceSafe Explorer from the command line for a specified database.


Restores information from a previously created archive.

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