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Metadata Editor Object

The metadata editor object is used to edit information stored in the header section of ASF files. The most common things manipulated by this object are metadata attributes. Additionally, the metadata editor deals with markers and script commands. The only time you need to use the metadata editor is when you want to edit the header of an existing file without playing it.

The metadata editor object is created by the function WMCreateEditor, which sets a pointer to an IWMMetadataEditor interface. The other interfaces of the metadata editor object can be obtained by calling the QueryInterface method.

The following interfaces are supported by the metadata editor object.

Interface Description
IWMDRMEditor Enables editing applications to examine the DRM properties of an ASF file without having any rights to play the protected content.
IWMHeaderInfo Manipulates attributes, markers, and script commands in the header.
IWMHeaderInfo2 Retrieves codec information. Inherits all of the methods of IWMHeaderInfo.
IWMHeaderInfo3 Provides advanced support for attributes, including large attributes, multiple languages, and duplicate attribute names. Inherits all of the methods of IWMHeaderInfo and IWMHeaderInfo2.
IWMMetadataEditor Opens, closes, and saves changes to the header of an ASF file.
IWMMetadataEditor2 Opens an ASF file for header editing with multiple file access and sharing options. Inherits all of the methods of IWMMetadataEditor.


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