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IWMWriterSink interface

The IWMWriterSink interface is the basic interface of all writer sinks, including the file, network, and push sinks defined in the Windows Media Format SDK, and custom sinks. If you are using one of the defined writer sinks, you never need to deal with the methods of this interface. If you are creating your own custom writer sink, you must implement these methods in your application.

This interface exists on the writer file sink object, the writer network sink object, and the writer push sink object. You should never obtain a pointer to this interface from one of these objects, however, as its methods are called internally by the writer sink objects and the writer object. You can create a class in your application that inherits from this interface to make your own sink.


The IWMWriterSink interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IWMWriterSink also has these types of members:


The IWMWriterSink interface has these methods.


Creates a buffer object to receive a data unit.


Ascertains whether the sink requires samples to be sent in real time.


Called by the writer object when a data unit is ready for the sink.


Called by the writer when all data units have been sent.


Called by the writer when the ASF header is ready for the sink.


For information about which interfaces can be obtained by using the QueryInterface method of this interface, see the topic for the object on which this interface is implemented.

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