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IWMMutualExclusion interface

The IWMMutualExclusion interface represents a group of streams, of which only one at a time can be played.

IWMMutualExclusion is the base interface for mutual exclusion objects. You can create a mutual exclusion object only as part of a profile. Never use COM functions, such as CoCreateInstance, to create a mutual exclusion object. Instead, you must already have a profile opened and make a call to its IWMProfile::CreateNewMutualExclusion method. After a mutual exclusion object has been created, you can change the type of mutual exclusion by using the methods in this interface.

You can manage the streams in a mutual exclusion object using the methods of the IWMStreamList interface. IWMMutualExclusion inherits from IWMStreamList, so those methods are directly available in this interface.


The IWMMutualExclusion interface inherits from IWMStreamList. IWMMutualExclusion also has these types of members:


The IWMMutualExclusion interface has these methods.


Retrieves the GUID of the type of mutual exclusion required.


Specifies the GUID of the type of mutual exclusion required.


The following interface can be obtained by using the QueryInterface method of this interface.

IWMStreamList IID_IWMStreamList
IWMMutualExclusion2 IID_IWMMutualExclusion2


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