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Stream Prioritization Object

A stream prioritization object is used to specify an order of importance for the streams in a profile. When full playback is not possible due to bit-rate limitations, the lowest priority streams will be the first to be dropped.

Stream prioritization objects can be created for existing stream prioritization data in a profile or can be created empty, ready to receive new data. Stream prioritization objects cannot exist independently of a profile object. To save the contents of a stream prioritization object, you must call IWMProfile3::SetStreamPrioritization. To create a stream prioritization object, use one of the following methods.

Method Description
IWMProfile3::CreateNewStreamPrioritization Creates a stream prioritization object without any data.
IWMProfile3::GetStreamPrioritization Creates a stream prioritization object populated with data from the profile.


Both methods in the preceding table set a pointer to an IWMStreamPrioritization interface. This is the only interface supported by the stream prioritization object.

Interface Description
IWMStreamPrioritization Manages the list of streams within the stream prioritization object.



Only one stream prioritization can exist for a given profile. If you create a new stream prioritization for a profile that already contains a stream prioritization, the old one will be deleted.

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