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IWMCodecAMVideoAccelerator interface

This interface is exposed by the Windows Media Decoder DMO and is called by a media player source filter to set up the various connections required to enable DirectX® video acceleration (VA) for decoding of Windows Media-based video content. A player obtains this interface by calling the IWMReaderAccelerator::GetCodecInterface method, which is exposed on the reader object.


The IWMCodecAMVideoAccelerator interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IWMCodecAMVideoAccelerator also has these types of members:


The IWMCodecAMVideoAccelerator interface has these methods.


Called by the output pin on the player's source filter during the connection process when it has been given a DirectX VA media type.


Called by the output pin on the player's source filter to pass the VMR's IAMVideoAccelerator interface to the decoder DMO.


Called by the output pin on the source filter to provide the decoder DMO with the source filter's IWMPlayerTimestampHook interface to enable the filter to update the time stamps on the samples before they are delivered to the renderer.


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