Microsoft.WindowsAzure.MediaServices.Client 命名空間

Provides classes related to creating Windows Azure Media Services applications.

  類別 說明
公用類別 AccessPolicyBaseCollection Represents a collection of IAccessPolicy.
公用類別 AssetBaseCollection Represents the base of all asset collections.
公用類別 AssetCollection Represents a collection of IAsset.
公用類別 AssetFileBaseCollection Provides a base class for all IAssetFile collections.
公用類別 AzureMediaServicesDataServiceContextFactory A factory for creating the DataServiceContext connected to Windows Azure Media Services.
公用類別 BaseCollection<T> Represents a base media collection.
公用類別 BlobTransferClient Represents a client to operate on Windows Azure Blobs.
公用類別 BlobTransferCompleteEventArgs Represents the information for blob transfer completion event.
公用類別 BlobTransferProgressChangedEventArgs Represents the progress of a blob tranfer, used by TransferProgressChanged event.
公用類別 CloudBaseCollection<T> Represents a Base Collection that has a DataServiceContext.
公用類別 CloudMediaContext Describes the context from which all entities in the Microsoft WindowsAzure Media Services platform can be accessed.
公用類別 CommonEncryption Provides common encryption of content keys.
公用類別 ConfigurationEncryption Provide encryption for configuration.
公用類別 ContentKeyBaseCollection Represents a collection of content keys.
公用類別 ContentKeyCollection Represents a collection of IContentKey.
公用類別 DataServiceAsyncExtensions Extension methods to DataService classes.
公用類別 DownloadProgressChangedEventArgs Describes the status of a download operation.
公用類別 EncryptionUtils Provides helpers for encryption.
公用類別 EnvelopeEncryption Provides envelope encryption.
公用類別 ErrorDetail Describes an error encountered during the execution of a task.
公用類別 ExceptionExtensions Defines an extension method called FindInnerException<T>(Exception).
公用類別 FileEncryption Provides file encryption.
公用類別 FileEncryptionTransform Provides a file encryption transformation.
公用類別 IngestIngestManifestStatistics Represent statistic information about the ingest manifest.
公用類別 IngestManifestAssetCollection Represents a collection of IIngestManifestAsset.
公用類別 IngestManifestCollection Represents IQueryable collection of IIngestManifest.
公用類別 IngestManifestFileCollection Represents a collection of IIngestManifestFile.
公用類別 InputAssetCollection<T> Enumerable for task input assets.
公用類別 JobBaseCollection Represents a collection of IJob.
公用類別 JobNotificationSubscriptionCollection The notification subscriptions for the job.
公用類別 JobStateChangedEventArgs Describes the change of state of an IJob that was submitted.
公用類別 JobTemplateBaseCollection Represents a collection of IJobTemplate.
公用類別 LocatorBaseCollection Represents a collection of ILocator.
公用類別 MediaContextBase Represents a base media context containing collections to operate on.
公用類別 MediaProcessorBaseCollection Represents a collection of IMediaProcessor objects.
公用類別 NotificationEndPointCollection Represents a collection of INotificationEndPoint objects.
公用類別 OutputAssetCollection A collection of output assets.
公用類別 RetryStrategyFactory Defines default retry strategy for intermediate failures. Exponential back off strategy acts as default strategy within a system.  
公用類別 StorageAccountBaseCollection Represents storage account base collection.
公用類別 TaskCollection A collection of tasks.
公用類別 TaskExtensions Extension methods for a task.
公用類別 TaskHistoricalEvent Represents a task history event
公用類別 UploadProgressChangedEventArgs Describes the status of a upload operation.
公用類別 WebRequestTransientErrorDetectionStrategy

  介面 說明
公用介面 IAccessPolicy Defines an access policy to an IAsset in the system.
公用介面 IAsset Represents an asset that can be an input to jobs or tasks.
公用介面 IAssetFile Represents an file belonging to an Asset.
公用介面 ICloudMediaContextInit Provides initialization of a CloudMediaContext.
公用介面 IContentKey Represents a content key that can be used for encryption and decryption.
公用介面 IIngestManifest Represents bulk ingest manifest.
公用介面 IIngestManifestAsset Represents an ingest manifest asset information describing what files need to be processed for a given asset
公用介面 IIngestManifestFile Represents manifest file.
公用介面 IIngestManifestStatistics Represent static information about manifest
公用介面 IJob Describes a job in the system.
公用介面 IJobNotificationSubscription Represents a job notification subscription which contains information about the state of the job and the endpoint from which the notification is sent.
公用介面 IJobTemplate Represents a JobTemplate that can be used to create Jobs.
公用介面 ILocator Represents the application of an access policy to an asset.
公用介面 IMediaProcessor A component of Windows Azure Media Services that processes media.
公用介面 INotificationEndPoint The endpoint to which the notifications about the job state are sent.
公用介面 IStorageAccount Represents an Azure storage account.
公用介面 ITask Describes a task within a job in the system.
公用介面 ITaskTemplate Represents a TaskTemplate.

  列舉 說明
公用列舉 AccessPermissions Specifies the permissions that an IAccessPolicy may grant.
公用列舉 AssetCreationOptions Specifies the the different options that an IAsset can be created with.
公用列舉 AssetState Specifies the allowed states of an asset.
公用列舉 BlobTransferType Specifies the type of the transfer.
公用列舉 ContentKeyType Specifies the type of a content key.
公用列舉 IngestManifestFileState Represents manifest asset file state
公用列舉 IngestManifestState Represents ingest manifest state.
公用列舉 JobState Specifies the possible Job states.
公用列舉 JobTemplateType Describes the types of job templates based on the accessiblity level.
公用列舉 LocatorType Specifies the available types locator.
公用列舉 NotificationEndPointType Enumeration of types of notification endpoint. None = 0, AzureQueue = 1.
公用列舉 NotificationJobState Enumeration of notification job states. None = 0, FinalStatesOnly = 1, All = 2.
公用列舉 ProtectionKeyType Describes the types of protection keys.
公用列舉 TaskOptions Specifies the options for creating Tasks.