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TpInitializeCallbackEnviron function

Initializes a callback environment for the thread pool.


VOID FORCEINLINE TpInitializeCallbackEnviron(
  _Out_ PTP_CALLBACK_ENVIRON CallbackEnviron


CallbackEnviron [out]

A TP_CALLBACK_ENVIRON structure that defines the callback environment. Allocate space for this structure and initialize it using this function.

Return value

This function does not return a value.


The thread pool callback environment is subject to default behaviors that can be changed. For example, callbacks execute in the global pool by default, but a different thread pool can be specified using TpSetCallbackThreadpool. Thread pool callback environment behavior can be changed with the following functions:

Call TpInitializeCallbackEnviron to create a callback environment that can be modified. Call TpDestroyCallbackEnviron to destroy the callback environment.

This function is implemented as an inline function.