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VisWebPageSettings.EndPage 属性 (Visio 另存为 Web)VisWebPageSettings.EndPage Property (Visio Save As Web)

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将一定范围的页面保存为 Web 页时,请指定的最后一页的页码范围内。读/写。Specifies the page number of the last page in the range when you save a range of pages as a Web page. Read/write.


表达式EndPageexpression. EndPage

_expression_An 表达式,可返回 * * VisWebPageSettings* * 对象。_expression_An expression that returns a ** VisWebPageSettings** object.

返回值Return Value



起始页属性指定起始页码。The start page number is specified in the StartPage property.

EndPage属性值对应于框中的值常规选项卡上的另存为 Web 页对话框中 (单击BackstageButton选项卡,单击另存为保存类型列表中,选择网页上 (.htm;。html) * *,然后单击发布)。The **EndPage property value corresponds to the value in the to box on the General tab of the Save As Web Page dialog box (click the BackstageButton tab, click Save As, in the Save as type list, select Web Page (.htm;.html), and then click Publish).


下面的 Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 宏显示如何使用EndPage属性来保存为 Web 页,而不是完整的绘图 (在这种情况下,从第 2 页到第 3 页) 绘图中一定范围的页面。The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the EndPage property to save a range of pages in a drawing (in this case, from page 2 to page 3) as a Web page instead of the complete drawing.

该宏假定当前的 Visio 绘图中包含至少三页。This macro assumes that the current Visio drawing contains at least three pages.

运行此宏之前, path\filename.htm_有效的目标路径替换您的计算机和您想要将分配给您的 Web 页的文件名。Before running this macro, replace _path\filename.htm with a valid target path on your computer and the filename that you want to assign to your Web page.

Public Sub EndPage_Example() 
 Dim vsoSaveAsWeb As VisSaveAsWeb 
 Dim vsoWebSettings As VisWebPageSettings 

 Set vsoSaveAsWeb = Visio.Application.SaveAsWebObject 
 Set vsoWebSettings = vsoSaveAsWeb.WebPageSettings 

 With vsoWebSettings 
 .StartPage = 2 
 .EndPage = 3 
 .TargetPath = "path\filename.htm" 
 End With 

End Sub
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