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Viewer.PageColor 属性 (Visio Viewer)Viewer.PageColor Property (Visio Viewer)

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获取或设置在 Microsoft Visio Viewer 中打开当前绘图中的页面颜色。读/写。Gets or sets the color of the page in the current drawing that is open in Microsoft Visio Viewer. Read/write.


表达式PageColorexpression. PageColor

_expression_An 表达式,该表达式返回一个查看器_expression_An expression that returns a Viewer object.

返回值Return Value



此属性返回数据类型ole_color 时表示 Visio Viewer 中页面的颜色的值。OLE_COLOR数据类型用于返回颜色的属性。This property returns a value of data type OLE_COLOR that represents the color of the page in Visio Viewer. The OLE_COLOR data type is used for properties that return colors.

窗体的是有效的十六进制值,为 Visio Viewer 中OLE_COLOR数据类型_&;Hbbggrr_,其中_bb_是蓝色值, gg_的绿色值和_rr_的红色值。00 到 FF 的十六进制 (十进制 255) 之间的所有三种颜色的值范围。Valid hexadecimal values for an OLE_COLOR data type in Visio Viewer are of the form &;Hbbggrr_, where bb is the blue value, gg the green value, and rr the red value. All three color values range between 00 and FF hexadecimal (255 decimal).

PageColor属性的默认值设置为白色 (16777215)。The default value of the PageColor property is white (16777215).


下面的示例将页颜色设置为红色。The following example sets the page color to red.

vsoViewer.PageColor = 225
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