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查看 Visio 对象、 属性、 方法、 事件和常量说明View Visio Object, Property, Method, Event, and Constant Descriptions

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  1. 在 Visual Basic 编辑器中,在视图菜单上,单击对象浏览器对象浏览器最初显示项声明由所有由项目引用的库。In the Visual Basic Editor, on the View menu, click Object Browser. The Object Browser initially displays items declared by all libraries referenced by your project.

  2. 工程/库列表中,请选择VisioIn the Project/Library list, select Visio.

请注意 此外可以通过选择该项并按 F1 获得帮助来查看有关项目的其他信息。Note You also can view additional information about an item by selecting the item and pressing F1 for Help.

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