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Validation.Application 属性 (Visio)Validation.Application Property (Visio)

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返回与某个对象相关联的 Microsoft Visio 实例。只读。Returns the instance of Microsoft Visio that is associated with an object. Read-only.


表达式应用程序expression . Application

表达式_一个表示验证对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Validation object.

返回值Return Value



下面的 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 宏获取应用程序对象,该对象与活动文档的验证对象关联并输出其进程 ID 号在即时窗口中。The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro gets the Application object associated with the Validation object for the active document and prints its process ID number in the Immediate window.

Public Sub Application_Example() 

 Dim vsoApplication As Visio.Application 
 Dim vsoValidation As Validation 

 Set vsoValidation = ActiveDocument.Validation 

 'Get the instance of Visio associated with the Validation object. 
 Set vsoApplication = vsoValidation.Application 
 Debug.Print "The process ID of the Application object associated with the active document is: " &; vsoApplication.ProcessID 

End Sub
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