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Selection.Combine 方法 (Visio)Selection.Combine Method (Visio)

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通过组合选定的形状来创建新的形状。Creates a new shape by combining selected shapes.


表达式将组合在一起expression . Combine

表达式_一个表示选定对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Selection object.

返回值Return Value



调用该组合方法等效于单击 Microsoft Visio 用户界面中的组合(在开发人员选项卡上的形状设计组中单击操作)。产生的形状将其包含形状顶层的形状,并且将继承的文本和第一个选定形状的格式。原始的形状将被删除并在操作完成时,会选中任何形状。Calling the Combine method is equivalent to clicking Combine in the Microsoft Visio user interface (click Operations in the Shape Design group on theDeveloper tab). The produced shape will be the topmost shape in its containing shape and will inherit the text and formatting of the first selected shape. The original shapes are deleted and no shapes are selected when the operation is complete.

组合方法类似于加入方法,但在以下方面不同:The Combine method is similar to the Join method but differs in the following ways:

  • 组合方法会产生一个为每个原始形状的几何内容的形状。生成的形状在原始形状相互重叠的区域具有孔洞。The Combine method produces a shape with one Geometry section for each original shape. The resulting shape will have holes in regions where the original shapes overlapped.

  • 联接方法与不同组合,将合并到生成的形状中的单个几何部分邻接的原始形状中的线条和曲线段。The Join method differs from Combine in that it will coalesce abutting line and curve segments in the original shapes into a single Geometry section in the resulting shape.

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