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Master.Drop 方法 (Visio)Master.Drop Method (Visio)

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通过将一个对象放在接收对象如主控形状、 绘图页、 形状或组中创建一个或多个新的Shape对象。Creates one or more new Shape objects by dropping an object onto a receiving object such as a master, drawing page, shape, or group.


表达式拖放( ObjectToDropxPosyPos )expression . Drop( ObjectToDrop , xPos , yPos )

表达式_一个表示对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Master object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
ObjectToDropObjectToDrop必需Required[未知][UNKNOWN]对象或选定内容删除。尽管这通常是 Visio主控形状形状选择对象等对象,它可以提供更多信息接口的任何 OLE 对象。The object or selection to drop. While this is typically a Visio object such as a Master , Shape , or Selection object, it can be any OLE object that provides an IDataObject interface.
xPosxPos必需RequiredDoubleDouble放置形状宽度的中心的 x 轴坐标值或 PinX。The x-coordinate at which to place the center of the shape's width or PinX.
yPosyPos必需RequiredDoubleDouble放置形状高度的中心的 y 轴坐标值或 PinY。The y-coordinate at which to place the center of the shape's height or PinY.

返回值Return Value



使用拖放方法是类似于使用鼠标移动形状。删除对象 ( ObjectToDrop) 可以是主控形状或绘图页上的形状。Using the Drop method is similar to moving a shape with the mouse. The object dropped ( ObjectToDrop) can be a master or a shape on the drawing page.

若要将形状添加到组或在绘图页上,放置将方法应用于一个形状页面的对象,分别。形状的宽度-高度框的中心放置在指定的坐标处,并返回一个Shape对象,该对象代表创建的形状。将此方法应用于一个Shape对象,请确保Shape对象都代表一组。To add a shape to a group or on a drawing page, apply the Drop method to a Shape or Page object, respectively. The center of the shape's width-height box is positioned at the specified coordinates, and a Shape object that represents the shape that is created is returned. When applying this method to a Shape object, make sure that the Shape object represents a group.

如果_ObjectToDrop_ 主机,主机的针被丢弃在指定的坐标处。主控形状的针是旋转的经常,但不是一定是旋转的在它中心。If ObjectToDrop is a Master , the pin of the master is dropped at the specified coordinates. A master's pin is often, but not necessarily, at its center of rotation.

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