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InvisibleApp.COMAddIns 属性 (Visio)InvisibleApp.COMAddIns Property (Visio)

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返回对COMAddIns集合,表示所有组件对象模型 (COM) 加载 Microsoft Visio 中当前已注册的引用。只读的。Returns a reference to the COMAddIns collection that represents all the Component Object Model (COM) add-ins currently registered in Microsoft Visio. Read-only.


表达式COMAddInsexpression . COMAddIns

表达式_一个表示InvisibleApp对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an InvisibleApp object.

返回值Return Value



COM 加载项对话框中列出了当前已注册的 COM 加载 (单击文件选项卡,单击选项,单击加载项,然后单击转到)。The COM add-ins that are currently registered are listed in the COM Add-Ins dialog box (click the File tab, click Options, click Add-Ins, and then click Go).

若要获取有关COMAddIns属性返回的对象的信息:To get information about the object returned by the COMAddIns property:

  1. 开发人员选项卡上的代码组中,单击Visual BasicIn the Code group on theDeveloper tab, click Visual Basic.

  2. 视图菜单上,单击对象浏览器On the View menu, click Object Browser.

  3. 工程/库列表中,单击OfficeIn the Project/Library list, click Office.

  4. 下检查COMAddIns名为的类。Under Classes, examine the class named COMAddIns .


该宏显示如何使用COMAddIns属性到 Visio 中注册 COM 加载项的列表。This macro shows how to use the COMAddIns property to list the COM add-ins registered with Visio.

Public Sub COMAddIns_Example()  

    Dim vsoCOMAddIns As COMAddIns  
    Dim vsoCOMAddIn As COMAddIn  

    'Get the set of COM add-ins.  
    Set vsoCOMAddIns = Application.COMAddIns  

    'List each COM add-in in the Immediate window. 
    For Each vsoCOMAddIn In vsoCOMAddIns  
        Debug.Print vsoCOMAddIn.Description  

End Sub
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