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事件对象 (Visio)Event Object (Visio)

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事件的源对象,如文档集合的一个成员。事件封装事件代码。A member of the EventList collection of a source object such as a Document . An event encapsulates an event code.


Event对象可以触发两种类型的操作: 可以运行加载项,或者可以向调用程序发送事件通知。若要创建一个事件对象,使用的事件对象添加AddAdvise的方法。An Event object can trigger two kinds of actions: it can run an add-on, or it can send a notification of the event to the calling program. To create an Event object, use the Add or AddAdvise method of an EventList object.

事件对象的默认属性是事件The default property of an Event object is Event .

Event对象的事件属性建立事件触发的操作,其操作属性指示要执行的操作。The Event property of the Event object establishes the event that triggers the action, and its Action property indicates the action to be performed.

使用Persistable属性,以查明是否事件可以存储与 Microsoft Visio 文档或要找出是否存储事件的持久属性。使用触发器方法触发事件对象的操作,而无需等待事件发生。使用Enabled属性可临时禁用事件。Use the Persistable property to find out if the event can be stored with a Microsoft Visio document, or the Persistent property to find out if the event is stored. Use the Trigger method to trigger an Event object's action without waiting for the event to occur. Use the Enabled property to temporarily disable an event.

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