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Event.Event 属性 (Visio)Event.Event Property (Visio)

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获取或设置事件对象的事件代码 — — 一个事件动作对。事件发生时,将执行的操作。读/写。Gets or sets the event code of an Event object—an event-action pair. When the event occurs, the action is performed. Read/write.


表达式事件expression . Event

表达式_一个表示事件对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Event object.

返回值Return Value



如果事件对象的动作代码是visActCodeRunAddon ,该事件还指定目标的操作和参数发送到目标。此信息存储在目标TargetArgs属性中,分别。If the action code of the Event object is visActCodeRunAddon , the event also specifies the target of the action and the arguments to send to the target. This information is stored in the Target and TargetArgs properties, respectively.

如果事件对象的动作代码是visActCodeAdvise ,该事件还指定要接收事件通知 (有时称为接收器对象) 和参数发送到接收器对象以及通知的对象。If the action code of the Event object is visActCodeAdvise , the event also specifies the object to receive event notifications (sometimes called the sink object) and arguments to send to the sink object along with the notification.

VisEventCodes中的 Microsoft Visio 类型库声明的事件代码。他们是以" visEvt "为前缀。事件代码的列表,请参阅事件代码Event codes are declared by the Microsoft Visio type library in VisEventCodes . They are prefixed with " visEvt ". For a list of event codes, seeEvent Codes.

程序可以使用触发器方法会导致事件对象的操作要执行而无需等待事件发生。A program can use the Trigger method to cause an Event object's action to be performed without waiting for the event to occur.

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