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Document.RuleSetValidated 事件 (Visio)Document.RuleSetValidated Event (Visio)

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在验证规则集时发生。Occurs when a rule set is validated.


专用子_表达式__RuleSetValidated( ByVal 规则集作为 ValidationRuleSet )Private Sub expressionRuleSetValidated( **_ByVal RuleSet As ValidationRuleSet** )

表达式_一个表示文档对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Document object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
规则集RuleSet必需RequiredValidationRuleSetValidationRuleSet已验证的规则集。The rule set that was validated.


Microsoft Visio 执行验证,它会激发处理,每个规则集的RuleSetValidated事件,即使规则集为空。When Microsoft Visio performs validation, it fires a RuleSetValidated event for every rule set that it processes, even if a rule set is empty.

如果您使用 Microsoft Visual Basic 或 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA),则此主题中的语法描述的是一种通用而有效的事件处理方法。If you are using Microsoft Visual Basic or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the syntax in this topic describes a common, efficient way to handle events.

如果您想要创建您自己的事件对象,使用EventList.AddEventList.AddAdvise的方法。若要创建一个事件对象,运行加载项,请使用EventList.Add方法。若要创建一个事件对象,该对象接收通知,请使用EventList.AddAdvise方法。若要查找您想要创建的事件的事件代码,请参阅事件代码If you want to create your own Event objects, use the EventList.Add or EventList.AddAdvise method. To create an Event object that runs an add-on, use the EventList.Add method. To create an Event object that receives notification, use the EventList.AddAdvise method. To find an event code for the event you want to create, seeEvent Codes.

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