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ApplicationSettings.RasterExportRotation 属性 (Visio)ApplicationSettings.RasterExportRotation Property (Visio)

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确定主控形状页面所选内容形状对象,可以将指定的对象导出到一个 BMP、 GIF、 JPG、 PNG 或 TIFF 文件的导出方法调用时应用于导出的图像的旋转角度。读/写。Determines the rotation that is applied to the exported image when you call the Export method of the Master , Page , Selection , or Shape object to export the specified object to a BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, or TIFF file. Read/write.


表达式RasterExportRotationexpression . RasterExportRotation

表达式_该表达式返回一个ApplicationSettings对象。_expression An expression that returns an ApplicationSettings object.

返回值Return Value



RasterExportRotation属性的值必须是下面的VisRasterExportRotation常量之一。The value of the RasterExportRotation property must be one of the following VisRasterExportRotation constants.

visRasterNoRotationvisRasterNoRotation00无旋转,默认值。No rotation, the default.
visRasterRotateLeftvisRasterRotateLeft11向左旋转。Rotate left.
visRasterRotateRightvisRasterRotateRight22向右旋转。Rotate right.

对于 Microsoft Visio 任何给定会话,当设置RasterExportRotation属性值,或者以编程方式或用户接口,该设置则成为会话的其余部分的新默认值。但是,它不保留到下一个会话。For any given session of Microsoft Visio, when the RasterExportRotation property value is set, either programmatically or in the user interface, the setting then becomes the new default for the remainder of the session. However, it is not persisted to the next session.

RasterExportRotation属性的设置对应的旋转在 Microsoft Visio 用户界面中的相应文件类型的输出选项对话框中的旋转列表中选定的样式。(单击文件选项卡,单击另存为中的保存类型列表、 选择的文件类型,然后单击保存。)The setting of the RasterExportRotation property corresponds to the style of rotation selected in the Rotation list in the Output Options dialog box for the corresponding file type in the Microsoft Visio user interface. (Click the File tab, click Save As, in the Save as type list, select the file type, and then click Save.)

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