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ApplicationSettings.FreeformDrawingPrecision 属性 (Visio)ApplicationSettings.FreeformDrawingPrecision Property (Visio)

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确定当任意多边形工具绘制直线且尚未切换为绘制样条时所允许的误差范围。读/写。Determines the margin of error allowed when the Freeform tool is drawing a straight line before it switches to drawing a spline. Read/write.


表达式FreeformDrawingPrecisionexpression . FreeformDrawingPrecision

表达式_一个表示ApplicationSettings对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an ApplicationSettings object.

返回值Return Value



设置FreeformDrawingPrecision属性等效于设置Visio 选项对话框中的高级选项卡上的精度选项 (单击文件选项卡,然后单击选项)。Setting the FreeformDrawingPrecision property is equivalent to setting the Precision option on the Advanced tab in the Visio Options dialog box (click the File tab, and then click Options).

FreeformDrawingPrecision属性的范围从 0 (严格) 到 10 (松动) 的可能值。默认值为 5。Possible values for the FreeformDrawingPrecision property range from 0 ( Tight) to 10 ( Loose). The default is 5.


下面的 Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 宏显示如何使用FreeformDrawingPrecision属性来打印当前任意多边形绘图精度设置在立即窗口中。它还演示了如何从 Visio应用程序对象中获取一个ApplicationSettings对象。The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the FreeformDrawingPrecision property to print the current freeform drawing precision setting in the Immediate window. It also shows how to get an ApplicationSettings object from the Visio Application object.

Public Sub FreeformDrawingPrecision_Example() 

    Dim vsoApplicationSettings As Visio.ApplicationSettings 
    Dim lngPrecisionSetting As Long 

    Set vsoApplicationSettings = Visio.Application.Settings 
    lngPrecisionSetting = vsoApplicationSettings.FreeformDrawingPrecision 

    Debug.Print lngPrecisionSetting 

End Sub
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