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Addon.Enabled 属性 (Visio)Addon.Enabled Property (Visio)

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确定加载对象当前已启用。读/写。Determines whether or not an Addon object is currently enabled. Read/write.


表达式启用expression . Enabled

表达式_一个表示一个加载项的对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an Addon object.

返回值Return Value



由可执行 (EXE) 文件实现的加载项总是将自身报告为启用。由 Visio 解决方案库 (VSL) 文件实现的加载项会根据 VSL 文件已为该加载项注册的启用策略将自身报告为启用或禁用。An add-on implemented by an executable (EXE) file always reports itself as enabled. An add-on implemented by a Visio Solutions Library (VSL) file reports itself as enabled or disabled according to the enabling policy that the VSL file has registered for that add-on.

不能使加载项启用或禁用自身。Visio 不会向禁用的加载项发送运行消息。如果加载项被禁用,则其名称在 Visio 用户界面中显示为不可用。You cannot tell an add-on to enable or disable itself. Visio will not send a run message to a disabled add-on. If an add-on is disabled, its name appears unavailable in the Visio user interface.

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