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ThreeDFormat.SetThreeDFormat 方法 (发布服务器)ThreeDFormat.SetThreeDFormat Method (Publisher)

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设置预设视角格式。每个预设视角格式都包含一组视角的 3-D 属性的预设值。Sets the preset extrusion format. Each preset extrusion format contains a set of preset values for the 3-D properties of the extrusion.


表达式SetThreeDFormat( PresetThreeDFormat)expression. SetThreeDFormat( PresetThreeDFormat)

_expression_A 表示ThreeDFormat对象的变量。_expression_A variable that represents a ThreeDFormat object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
PresetThreeDFormatPresetThreeDFormat必需Required绘图MsoPresetThreeDFormat指定预设的延伸格式,该格式对应于单击绘图工具栏上的3-D按钮时所显示的选项 (从左向右,从上到下编号) 之一。Specifies a preset extrusion format that corresponds to one of the options (numbered from left to right, from top to bottom) displayed when you click the 3-D button on the Drawing toolbar.


此方法将PresetThreeDFormat属性设置为 PresetThreeDFormat 参数指定的格式。This method sets the PresetThreeDFormat property to the format specified by the PresetThreeDFormat argument.

PresetThreeDFormat 参数可以是在 Microsoft Office 类型库中声明,如下表所示的绘图常数之一。The PresetThreeDFormat parameter can be one of the MsoPresetThreeDFormat constants declared in the Microsoft Office type library and shown in the following table.

| msoThreeD1| |msoThreeD2| |msoThreeD3| |msoThreeD4| |msoThreeD5| |msoThreeD6| |msoThreeD7| |msoThreeD8| |msoThreeD9| |msoThreeD10| |msoThreeD11| |msoThreeD12| |msoThreeD13| |msoThreeD14| |msoThreeD15| |msoThreeD16| |msoThreeD17| |msoThreeD18| |msoThreeD19| |msoThreeD20|| msoThreeD1| | msoThreeD2| | msoThreeD3| | msoThreeD4| | msoThreeD5| | msoThreeD6| | msoThreeD7| | msoThreeD8| | msoThreeD9| | msoThreeD10| | msoThreeD11| | msoThreeD12| | msoThreeD13| | msoThreeD14| | msoThreeD15| | msoThreeD16| | msoThreeD17| | msoThreeD18| | msoThreeD19| | msoThreeD20|


以下示例将一个椭圆添加到当前出版物,并将其延伸格式设置为预设的三维格式之一。This example adds an oval to the active publication and sets its extrusion format to one of the preset 3-D formats.

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes _ 
 .AddShape(Type:=msoShapeOval, _ 
 Left:=30, Top:=30, Width:=50, Height:=25).ThreeD 
 .Visible = True 
 .SetThreeDFormat PresetThreeDFormat:=msoThreeD12 
End With 
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