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Plate.Name 属性 (发布服务器)Plate.Name Property (Publisher)

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返回一个字符串值,该值指示指定的对象的名称。只读的。Returns a String value indicating the name of the specified object. Read-only.


表达式名称expression. Name

_expression_A 变量表示一个印版_expression_A variable that represents a Plate object.


可用于对象的名称一起使用Item方法或Item属性返回对对象的引用,如果Item方法或属性的包含对象的集合使用variant 类型的值参数。例如,如果某个形状的Name属性的值为矩形 2,然后.Shapes("Rectangle 2")将返回到该形状的引用。You can use an object's name in conjunction with the Item method or Item property to return a reference to the object if the Item method or property for the collection that contains the object takes a Variant argument. For example, if the value of the Name property for a shape is Rectangle 2, then .Shapes("Rectangle 2") will return a reference to that shape.

Name属性是艺术型边框BorderArtFormat标签对象的默认属性。The Name property is the default property for the BorderArt, BorderArtFormat, and Label objects.

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