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PbFixedFormatIntent 枚举 (发布服务器)PbFixedFormatIntent Enumeration (Publisher)

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常量传递给ExportAsFixedFormat方法指定用户想要共享所产生的文件的方式。Constants passed to the ExportAsFixedFormat method that specify how the user intends to share the resulting file.

pbIntentCommercialpbIntentCommercial44将出版物提交给专业出版机构。Submit the publication to a commercial press.
pbIntentMinimumpbIntentMinimum11将出版物压缩至最小文件大小。这样可以满足在计算机监视器上查看出版物的屏幕查看方案的要求。Squeeze the publication to the smallest file size. This satisfies the on-screen viewing scenario where the publication is viewed on a computer monitor.
pbIntentPrintingpbIntentPrinting33使用桌面打印机或在影印店(如 Kinko)打印出版物。Print the publication on a desktop printer or at a copy store, such as Kinko's.
pbIntentStandardpbIntentStandard22以电子邮件形式或从网站分发出版物。请注意,用户并不了解查看出版物的方式:屏幕查看或用桌面打印机打印。此方法必须同时满足桌面打印和屏幕查看方案的要求。Distribute the publication as an e-mail message or from a Web site. Note that the user does not know how the publication will be viewed: on-screen or printed from a desktop printer. Both the desktop printing scenario and the on-screen viewing scenario must be met by this intent.
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