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ConnectorFormat.EndConnected 属性 (发布服务器)ConnectorFormat.EndConnected Property (Publisher)

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返回一个MsoTriState常量,该常量,指示是否将指定的连接符的终点连接到形状。只读的。Returns an MsoTriState constant indicating whether the end of the specified connector is connected to a shape. Read-only.


表达式EndConnectedexpression. EndConnected

_expression_A 表示ConnectorFormat对象的变量。_expression_A variable that represents an ConnectorFormat object.

返回值Return Value



使用BeginConnected属性来确定是否将连接符的起点连接到形状。Use the BeginConnected property to determine if the beginning of a connector is connected to a shape.

EndConnected属性值可以是一个MsoTriState常量声明在 Microsoft Office 类型库,如下表所示。The EndConnected property value can be one of the MsoTriState constants declared in the Microsoft Office type library and shown in the following table.

msoFalsemsoFalse指定的连接符的末端不连接到形状。The end of the specified connector is not connected to a shape.
msoTriStateMixedmsoTriStateMixed返回值指示属性值为 msoTruemsoFalse指定的形状范围中的组合。Return value only; indicates a combination of msoTrue and msoFalse in the specified shape range.
属性值为 msoTruemsoTrue指定的连接符的末端连接到形状。The end of the specified connector is connected to a shape.


本示例中,如果当前出版物中第一页上的第三个形状是连接符,其终点连接到一个形状,则存储连接位置的编号并存储对连接形状的引用,然后断开连接符的终点与形状之间的连接。If the third shape on the first page in the active publication is a connector whose end is connected to a shape, this example stores the connection site number, stores a reference to the connected shape, and then disconnects the end of the connector from the shape.

Dim intSite As Integer 
Dim shpConnected As Shape 

With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(3) 

 ' Test whether shape is a connector. 
 If .Connector Then 
 With .ConnectorFormat 

 ' Test whether connector is connected to another shape. 
 If .End Connected Then 

 ' Store connection site number. 
 intSite = .EndConnectionSite 

 ' Set reference to connected shape. 
 Set shpConnected = .EndConnectedShape 

 ' Disconnect connector and shape. 
 End If 
 End With 
 End If 
End With 
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