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Column.Cells 属性 (发布服务器)Column.Cells Property (Publisher)

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返回一个矩形对象,该对象表示表的列中的单元格的单元格。Returns a CellRange object that represents the cell or cells in a column of a table.


表达式单元格expression. Cells

_expression_A 变量,表示对象。_expression_A variable that represents a Column object.


本示例合并指定表格中的第一列的第一个和第二个单元格。This example merges the first and second cells in the first column of the specified table.

Sub MergeCell() 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(2).Table.Columns(1) 
 .Cells(1).Merge MergeTo:=.Cells(2) 
 End With 
End Sub

本示例对指定表格中第二列的第一个单元格应用粗边框轮廓。This example applies a thick border outline to the first cell in the second column of the specified table.

Sub OutlineBorderCell() 
 With ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes(2).Table.Columns(2).Cells(1) 
 .BorderLeft.Weight = 5 
 .BorderRight.Weight = 5 
 .BorderTop.Weight = 5 
 .BorderBottom.Weight = 5 
 End With 
End Sub
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