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Window.Top 属性 (项目)Window.Top Property (Project)

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获取或设置的距离,以磅为单位的窗口显示区域的上边缘下面的窗口。读/写Gets or sets the distance in points of the window below the top edge of the window display area. Read/write Long.


表达式顶部expression. Top

表达式_一个表示一个窗口对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Window object.


项目和项目中功能区下方是窗口中显示区域。顶部的默认值是-19 日,这意味着活动窗口为 19 点窗口上方的显示区域。如果将值设置为小于-19 日,功能区下方隐藏活动窗口的一部分。The window display area is below the ribbon in Project and Project. The default value of Top is -19, which means the active window is 19 points above the window display area. If you set the value to less than -19, part of the active window is hidden below the ribbon.

主窗口从屏幕顶部的距离,请参阅应用程序对象的Top属性。For the distance of the main window from the top of the screen, see the Top property of the Application object.

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