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Project.MinuteLabelDisplay 属性 (项目)Project.MinuteLabelDisplay Property (Project)

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获取或设置的"分钟"显示为工期、 延迟、 时差和工时等值的缩写。读取/写入的整数Gets or sets the abbreviation for "minute" that is displayed for values such as durations, delays, slack, and work. Read/write Integer.


表达式MinuteLabelDisplayexpression. MinuteLabelDisplay

表达式_一个表示项目对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Project object.


MinuteLabelDisplay属性对应于项目选项对话框中的高级选项卡上的分钟列表。例如,将MinuteLabelDisplay属性设置为 1分钟将该列表设置列表 ("最小值") 中的第二个值。The MinuteLabelDisplay property corresponds to the Minutes list on the Advanced tab of the Project Options dialog box. For example, setting the MinuteLabelDisplay property to 1 sets the Minutes list to the second value in the list ("min").

MinuteLabelDisplay属性的值可以是 0 到 2。Values of the MinuteLabelDisplay property can be 0 to 2.

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