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Project.CodeName 属性 (项目)Project.CodeName Property (Project)

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获取项目的代码名称。只读的字符串Gets the code name for the project. Read-only String.


表达式代号expression. CodeName

表达式_一个表示项目对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Project object.


代码名称是存储事件宏 (以及其他可能已定义的宏) 模块的名称的项目。模块的默认名称是"ThisProject";在 Visual Basic 编辑器中的项目窗口中,您可以查看它。The code name is the name of the module that stores event macros (and other macros you may have defined) for a project. The default name for the module is "ThisProject"; you can view it in the Project window in the Visual Basic Editor.

更改项目名称并不影响其代码名,并且更改代码名称 (使用 Visual Basic 编辑器中的属性窗口) 也不会更改项目名称。Changing the project name doesn't change the code name, and changing the code name (using the Properties window in the Visual Basic Editor) doesn't change the project name.

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