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Application.TableCopy 方法 (项目)Application.TableCopy Method (Project)

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活动表一份,将其添加到表格下拉列表菜单,并设置要使用新的表的视图。Makes a copy of the active table, adds it to the Tables drop-down menu, and sets the view to use the new table.


表达式TableCopy(* 名称)expression. **TableCopy( ** Name* )

表达式_返回应用程序对象的表达式。_expression An expression that returns an Application object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
NameName可选OptionalStringString所复制的表的名称。Name of the copied table.

返回值Return Value



下拉列表菜单是在功能区上的视图选项卡上。如果不指定_Name_参数运行TableCopy方法时,Project 将显示保存表对话框。The Tables drop-down menu is on the View tab on the ribbon. If you run the TableCopy method without specifying the Name argument, Project displays the Save Table dialog box.

请注意TableCopy操作不存储在撤消列表中。Note The TableCopy action is not stored in the Undo list.

详细的控制表功能进行复制时,请参阅TableEditEx方法。For detailed control of table features when making a copy, see the TableEditEx method.


如果当前视图是资源工作表中,下面的语句将资源的项表复制到一个名为"复制工作表的"表,并设置资源工作表视图使用该表。If the active view is the Resource Sheet, the following statement copies the resource Entry table to a table named "Copy of Resource Sheet table" and then sets the Resource Sheet view to use that table.

TableCopy Name:="Copy of Resource Sheet table"
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