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Application.PMText 属性 (项目)Application.PMText Property (Project)

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获取项目旁边晚上时间 12 小时时间格式中显示的文本。只读的字符串Gets the text that Project displays next to evening hours in the 12-hour time format. Read-only String.


表达式PMTextexpression. PMText

表达式_一个表示应用程序对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an Application object.


项目在从 Microsoft Windows 控制面板中打开区域和语言选项对话框中设置的AMTextPMText属性等于相应的值。Project sets the AMText and PMText properties equal to the corresponding values in the Regional and Language Options dialog box opened from the Microsoft Windows Control Panel.

请注意 虽然 VBA 对象浏览器显示PMText为读写模式,但不能设置使用PMText属性的值。Note Although the VBA Object Browser shows PMText as read-write, you cannot set the value using the PMText property.

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