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Application.InsertTask 方法 (项目)Application.InsertTask Method (Project)

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在甘特图中的选定任务行或单元格上方插入默认模式的新任务。Inserts a new task of the default mode above the selected task row or cell in a Gantt chart.


表达式InsertTaskexpression. InsertTask

表达式_返回应用程序对象的表达式。_expression An expression that returns an Application object.

返回值Return Value



InsertTask方法对应于在任务列表中右键单击选项菜单上的插入任务命令。新任务将默认模式 (手动或自动安排),包含任务的 ID 号,并且该任务名称的单元格选择与。新行的下面的每个任务 ID 增加 1。The InsertTask method corresponds to the Insert Task command on the right-click option menu in a list of tasks. The new task is the default mode (manually or automatically scheduled), contains a task ID number, and the Task Name cell is selected with . Each task ID below the new row increases by one.

相比之下, InsertBlankRow方法创建一个空行,其中以编程方式添加其他任务的信息。要创建的默认模式自动手动计划的任务,请使用InsertManualTask方法。要创建的默认模式手动自动计划的任务,请使用InsertScheduledTask方法。By comparison, the InsertBlankRow method creates a blank row, where additional task information can be added programmatically. To create a manually scheduled task where the default mode is automatic, use the InsertManualTask method. To create an automatically scheduled task where the default mode is manual, use the InsertScheduledTask method.

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