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Application.CalendarWeekHeadingsEx 方法 (项目)Application.CalendarWeekHeadingsEx Method (Project)

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自定义“日历”中的标题。Customizes headings in the Calendar.


表达式CalendarWeekHeadingsEx(* * MonthTitle,* * WeekTitle,* * DayTitle,* * ShowPreview,* * DaysPerWeek,* * ShowTitleBeginningEndDates ** )expression. **CalendarWeekHeadingsEx( ** MonthTitle, ** WeekTitle, ** DayTitle, ** ShowPreview, ** DaysPerWeek, ** ShowTitleBeginningEndDates )

表达式_一个表示应用程序对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents an Application object.


名称Name必需/可选Required/Optional数据类型Data Type说明Description
MonthTitleMonthTitle可选OptionalLongLong月标题的格式。可以是PjMonthLabel常量之一。The format of the month title. Can be one of the PjMonthLabel constants.
WeekTitleWeekTitle可选OptionalLongLong周次标题的格式。可以是PjDateLabel常量之一。The format of week titles. Can be one of the PjDateLabel constants.
DayTitleDayTitle可选OptionalLongLong工作日标题的格式。可以是PjDayLabel常量之一。The format of day titles. Can be one of the PjDayLabel constants.
ShowPreviewShowPreview可选OptionalBooleanBoolean如此如果预览下一个和上一个月。True if the next and previous months are previewed.
DaysPerWeekDaysPerWeek可选OptionalIntegerInteger要显示的每周天数。可以设置为 5 或 7。The number of days per week to display. Can be set to 5 or 7.
ShowTitleBeginningEndDatesShowTitleBeginningEndDates可选OptionalBooleanBoolean如此如果显示的开始和结束的日期标题。True if the beginning and end date titles are shown.

返回值Return Value



使用未指定任何参数的CalendarWeekHeadingsEx方法显示时间刻度对话框中,选择周历标题选项卡。Using the CalendarWeekHeadingsEx method without specifying any arguments displays the Timescale dialog box with the Week Headings tab selected.

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