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XlDataLabelsType 枚举 (PowerPoint)XlDataLabelsType Enumeration (PowerPoint)

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指定要应用的数据标签的类型。Specifies the type of data label to apply.

xlDataLabelsShowBubbleSizesxlDataLabelsShowBubbleSizes66显示关于绝对值的气泡图的大小。Show the size of the bubble in reference to the absolute value.
xlDataLabelsShowLabelxlDataLabelsShowLabel44数据点所属类别。The category for the point.
xlDataLabelsShowLabelAndPercentxlDataLabelsShowLabelAndPercent55占总数的百分比及数据点所属类别。仅用于饼图和圆环图。The percentage of the total, and the category for the point. Available only for pie charts and doughnut charts.
xlDataLabelsShowNonexlDataLabelsShowNone-4142-4142无数据标签。No data labels.
xlDataLabelsShowPercentxlDataLabelsShowPercent33占总数的百分比。仅用于饼图和圆环图。The percentage of the total. Available only for pie charts and doughnut charts.
xlDataLabelsShowValuexlDataLabelsShowValue22数据点的默认值(如果未指定此参数)。The default value for the point (assumed if this argument is not specified).
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