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Series.PlotOrder 属性 (PowerPoint)Series.PlotOrder Property (PowerPoint)

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返回或设置指定图表组中选定数据系列的绘制顺序。读/写Returns or sets the plot order for the selected series within the chart group. Read/write Long.


表达式PlotOrderexpression. PlotOrder

表达式_一个表示图表对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Chart object.


只能设置图表组内的绘制顺序(在图表中包含若干图表类型的情况下,不能设置整个图表的绘制顺序)。图表组指具有相同图表类型和子类型的数据系列的集合。You can set plot order only within a chart group (you cannot set the plot order for the entire chart if you have more than one chart type). A chart group is a collection of series with the same chart type.

更改某个系列的绘制顺序将导致同一图表组内其他数据系列的绘制顺序的必要调整。Changing the plot order of one series will cause the plot orders of the other series in the chart group to be adjusted, as necessary.


请注意 尽管下面的代码适用于 Microsoft Word 中,您可以随时修改将其应用到 PowerPoint。Note Although the following code applies to Microsoft Word, you can readily modify it to apply to PowerPoint.

以下示例使活动文档中第一个图表的第二个系列在绘制时第三个出现。应在至少包含三个系列的二维柱形图上运行该示例。The following example makes series two for the first chart in the active document appear third in the plot order. You should run the example on a 2-D column chart that contains three or more series.

With ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(1)

    If .HasChart Then

        .Chart.ChartGroups(1).SeriesCollection(2).PlotOrder = 3

    End If

End With

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