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Series.Formula 属性 (PowerPoint)Series.Formula Property (PowerPoint)

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返回或设置 A1 样式表示法和宏语言中的对象的公式。读/写,字符串Returns or sets the object's formula in A1-style notation and in the language of the macro. Read/write String.


表达式公式expression. Formula

表达式_一个表示Series对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a Series object.


此属性对于 OLAP 数据源无效。This property is not available for OLAP data sources.

如果对象包含一个常量,则此属性返回该常量。如果对象为空,则此属性返回一个空字符串。如果对象包含公式,则此属性将该公式作为一个字符串返回,所用格式与编辑栏中显示的格式相同(包括等号)。If the object contains a constant, this property returns the constant. If the object is empty, this property returns an empty string. If the object contains a formula, this property returns the formula as a string in the same format that would be displayed in the formula bar (including the equal sign).

如果指定区域是一维或二维区域,则可将公式指定为 Visual Basic 中相同维数的数组。同样,也可在 Visual Basic 数组中使用公式。If the range is a one- or two-dimensional range, you can set the formula to a Visual Basic array of the same dimensions. Similarly, you can put the formula into a Visual Basic array.

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