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CalloutFormat.Length 属性 (PowerPoint)CalloutFormat.Length Property (PowerPoint)

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指定标注的AutoLength属性设置为False,当Length属性返回的第一段 (附加到文本标注框的线段) 在标注线的长度 (以磅为单位)。只读的。When the AutoLength property of the specified callout is set to False, the Length property returns the length (in points) of the first segment of the callout line (the segment attached to the text callout box). Read-only.


表达式长度expression. Length

表达式_一个表示CalloutFormat对象的变量。_expression A variable that represents a CalloutFormat object.


仅适用于标注其行包含多个段 (类型msoCalloutThreemsoCalloutFour )。使用CustomLength方法将CalloutFormat对象的该属性的值设置。Applies only to callouts whose lines consist of more than one segment (types msoCalloutThree and msoCalloutFour ). Use the CustomLength method to set the value of this property for the CalloutFormat object.


如果标注“co1”的第一段有固定的长度,本示例将标注“co2”的第一段也指定为该固定长度。要执行该示例,两个标注都必须有多个段。If the first line segment in the callout named "co1" has a fixed length, this example specifies that the length of the first line segment in the callout named "co2" will also be fixed at that length. For the example to work, both callouts must have multiple-segment lines.

Set myDocument = ActivePresentation.Slides(1)

With myDocument.Shapes

    With .Item("co1").Callout

        If Not .AutoLength Then len1 = .Length

    End With

    If len1 Then .Item("co2").Callout.CustomLength len1

End With

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